Electric Vans

Electric Vans are here to stay. Diesel isn’t clean enough, petrol its economical enough so we are left with water powered cars and electric cars. Wont be seeing water powered cars for a while so here we are.

These vans of course are not for everyone, and its early days in terms of development but one thing is for sure, ranges will get longer, batteries cheaper and prices lower. At the moment they are great for city driving but there is a very limited choice. The resale value is fantastic, the range means a daily charge is required.

Small Vans

Is by far the most popular and its due out for 2020

Medium Vans
The Electric VW Transporter and the Mercedes Vito both are which are now in UK stock and for sale
Due end of 2020, These will instantly become the most popular zero emission vans ever made. The range is likely to initally be 100 miles in warm weather but there are some significant grants about to fit a charger. Bit like your iPhone just top it up whenever you can. As time goes on there are likely to be battery upgrades.

Large Vans
The most popular and of course capable are the Renault Master that has been out since 2017. VW launched the Electric VW Crafter in 2021.

Chassis Cabs
– at the moment there are no chassis cabs to note or available for sale
Try back in a year or so. Apart from the Renault Master Electric

Sporty Vans
Yeah right ! Its unlikely to see customised Sporty electric vans for some time.
You never know as ABT actually make the electric VW Transporter and the
VW Transporter ABT vans. ABT is clearly supported by VW which is refreshing as so many other companies are tied to Tesla and his 10PM satellites.
You could look at the Ford Transit PHEV but it isnt a real electric van. Sales are poor and we wonder where the market is on this.

Pros and cons
– Electric vans are whisper quiet so this poses a bit of a challenge  to pedestrians. Swift Silent Deadly? Seal Team 6 no electric cars. You could say its great as they won’t cause noise pollution in city centres but if you have ever lived next to a dual carriage way the engine isn’t the noisy part at speed
– Its great that these vehicles produce no Co2 or Nitrous Dioxide. The charging process  produces loads whether its in the manufacture of tonnes of batteries or the coal fired  power stations. Time will tell.
– Acceleration. They are fast, or FF Fast as Tesla says on their gearsticks as a bit of a laugh.
– Tax . You get a grant in most cases for going electric. Must be a nice feeling receiving rather than giving for a change. There are grants on the chargers too.
New Ford Transit Double Cab soon to be available in electric as the PHEV .

Charging you electric van
You will need to join  club such as Pod Point to allow charging away from home

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