Ford Transit Custom Trail & Active for Better Traction

Ford Transit Custom Trail & Active for Better Traction

When people think of Ford and work vehicles, the first thought is usually about trucks. The Ford Transit Custom Trail and the Ford Transit Active solve all the same problems that a truck can, with more flexibility, space, and speed — wrapped in a more aerodynamic package. These vans perform like a truck and easily offer over twice as much seating than a truck for your employees. Ford’s got you covered with towability and storage options in both vans as well.

Which one is better, though? We will go over the features of these two super vans, so you can choose the best fit for your needs. Before we get into logistics, let’s talk about how Ford has solved some other issues across the Transit van line — money-saving, conservation issues, mobility, and control included.

Save Money On Fuel

The price of fuel has hit an all-time high. Increasing a whopping 404% in the last year! There is no sign of the price going down either. To save your pockets from the pain this increase can cause, buying a hybrid or full electric vehicle is one of the best steps you can take.

These two vans answer that issue by combining a 2.0 litre Ecoblue hybrid diesel engine with a 48-volt mild-hybrid powertrain. The results? A van that uses less fuel, is mildly self-sufficient, has smart features, and is eco-friendly. The small battery-powered motor of the powertrain allows you to charge the batteries while driving — ensuring you are always on the move. To add to that, the technology allows for cleaner emissions, saving the planet from the toxic fumes of a workhorse, yet still enabling the work to be done. A win for nature and you!

Getting You Where You Need To Go

Fuel and money aren’t the only things these two vans save. The Ford Transit custom family was built with the unique challenge of getting you and your business wherever the customers are. With a limited-slip differential in the manual transmission models, these two vans can get out of some of the toughest spots.

The limited-slip differential is designed to work by intuitively finding the path of least resistance. If you get stuck in the mud with your left tires, the right ones will bear the brunt of the work, and the left ones will be kept from moving. Allowing you to avoid getting stuck in the muck.

Ford Transit Custom Trail

Built to be a powerhouse for any location

Speaking of power and traction, the Ford Transit Custom Trail is a mid-sized van built to go where few people can. This van comes with some pretty beefy features. Unfortunately, it does not have a four-wheel drive option, but you will not miss it. The Trail Comes standard with the Quaife mechanical limited-slip differential for improved traction and control.

Used by motorsport competitors to keep them on the track even at breakneck speeds, the Quaife limited-slip differential is the perfect solution on a snowy or muddy day. It turns the limited-slip differential into a beast. A button on the dashboard allows you to select either slippery or mud/rut roads — enabling drive assist through the differential. Stability control is quite literally at your fingertips. No more need for a tow truck.

Travelling for work made easy

For those who travel for work, the most expensive part of the job is having a place to stay the night. The Ford Custom Trail can easily be converted into a camper van. This also makes it a hit for the travel blogger or frequent camper who would like a posh modified camper van.

Who would the Trail be better for?

The Trail is perfect for construction workers, travel bloggers, or anyone that often travels off the beaten path. With its pure power, excellent control, and stability, this van will go anywhere and pull everything you need.


Starts at £29,250

Ford Transit Active

Built for storage and style

The Ford Transit Active may not have the ability to go off-road as much as the Trail, but what it lacks in muscle, it makes up for in looks and storage.

If you have fluctuating storage and passenger needs based on different jobs, you will enjoy the flexibility of the Active. The back seats sit on runners, making it easy to move the seats to suit your needs. You can stage a meeting for the team while you drive by turning the seats to face each other. Then, when the need for more space to haul tools and supplies than people arises — just remove the seats. There is also an option for a mounted track system to secure cycles, equipment, or materials inside. As a bonus, the active also has a built-in roof rack that comes as a standard. This van was made with all your storage and transportation needs in mind.

Beef it up

Unlike the Ford Transit Custom Trail, the Ford Transit Active does not come with the Quaife LSD, but it can be added for an extra £550.

Who would the Active suit better?

The Ford Transit Active is perfect for construction companies or others who may need to take lots of tools, supplies, and people off the beaten path to forge new roads or beginnings. Having more than one Active is useful — one for people and one for supplies.


Starts at £30,000

Buying Your Fleet — Options to Fit Every Budget

When doing business, every penny saved is an investment for your company’s future. Ford has made two work vans to help you save money on fuel, the Transit Custom Trail and the Transit Active. Swiss Vans has options to help you start or upgrade your fleet of work vehicles. If you need only one van, you can lease or finance it. Need a whole fleet, try their PCP program. This allows you to purchase all the vans you need on contract for the price determined at the time of sale. If you are unsure which van will fit your needs, you can try each one on a rental basis — giving you the opportunity to know, for yourself, the benefits you can have.

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