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Electric VW Crafter

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The New E Crafter

New Electric VW Crafter 134

£7500 down 48 x £799 plus final payment


1700 KG Payload variant 4.25 Tonne

Business Charger

Rapid charger fitted at business upgrade

Work Ready

Let Swiss add any satellite tracking, racking, rails required

The New 2021 Electric VW Crafter is the perfect zero emission van. Its also know as the E Crafter. The payload is 1000 KG, and the range is over 100 miles. For some towns there really is no choice so lets have a closer look.
The van comes in MWB and LWB high roof only and the batteries are hidden beneath the floor of the load bay

  • 134 HP Golf electric engine that is silent ad delivers instant acceleration and 290 NM of torque
  • Range of up to 100 miles presently and limited to 56 MPH
  • Single speed gearbox means no wear in years
  • 4 Euro Pallets carried same as a normal Crafter
  • Charges in as little as an hour on a rapid charger
  • Two versions 3.5 and 4.25 tonne versions both of which can be driven on a standard license. Payload 975KG and 1700 KG respectively means that one van can potential do what two used to.
    Thus reducing congestion
  • Payloads 975 KG
    Payload 1700 KG
  • Resale values will be high
  • Running cost equivalent to 100 MPG plus

Several cities such as Bristol have already announced a complete diesel vehicle ban. Since there are really no Petrol vans being made now is the time to make the jump.
Batteries should last 5years and hundreds of charges before needing replacement and the cost of batteries is falling year by year. The vehicle itself isnt that new and was unveiled in 2016 in the Hannover Motorshow
The Crafter is perfect for urban stop start enviroments. The van uses the same Lithium Ion battery as the Golf. This battery charges to 80% in just 45 minutes on a 45KW charger or 6 hours on a home charger which is normally 7KW.

Electric Van Information
Electric vans are here and but in short supply. Many features are the same for all electric vehicles, and electric vans for sale.
They are all using technology created by third parties. Everyone has heard of Elon Musk and Tesla but there are actually very few players in
electric vans. The limiting factors are the cobalt and Lithium that is required for the battery packs.

Electric Van Range

  • 82 – 150 miles this depends on the temperature
    Citroen offer 200 and 300 KM ranges on theirs
  • Using equipment such as the radio, heaters, wipers uses energy and reduces range
    Things like aircon will futher reduce the range so after say 24 months a realistic range of 50 miles
    is pheasible using aircon on a hot day and if van isnt fully charged
  • As time goes on like any battery capacity is reduced so after say 5 years at 10,000 miles per annum
    the batteries could be at 50% of origional capacity. They are not too different to an iPhone battery
    but prices on electric van batteries will fall over the next 10 years as recycling gets better and more efficient

Electric Van Charging Points

  • Join a club online so you can charge via the growing network of rapid chargers at Motorways, Cities and shops.
    Full charge in as little as an hour. Have a look at Zap Map
    to find your nearest and fastest charging station
  • Get a home charger from as little as £150 but these are slow. It can take 15-20 hours to charge an electric battery from a mains adaptor
  • Let Swiss Vans finance a Rapid charger at your work and office and give people a reason to visit your business if you cant get a grant.
    Currently in 2020 there are plenty of grants.

The Good Points

  • You can go where other plumbers, heating engineers, couriers and builders fear to tread. The diesel free zones.
  • More and more charging stations are being added every day and its a matter of time before these where on Satnav WAZW, Google Maps etc
  • Cadmium/ Cobalt/ Lithium  is super rare, and electric vans have no engines to wear out. Real engines anyway. So the values are held. The batteries need changing after say 1000 cycles but the costs of battery replacement fall by 20% per year

The Future

  • Its logical to assume that in 5 years times when you sell your second hand electric van there will be various upgrades even for your used vehicle.
    Software that runs the batteries
    The batteries themselves. The replacements are likely to be cheaper faster and stronger than these.
  • The charging stations. You will see advances on mobile chargers and multi story chargers. Possibly even robotic chargers within the next 10 years

Buy A Electric Van Charging Station 
Its mid boggling how to make the jump from petrol and diesel to electric especially if its a work van.
Make life easier for you and your  workforce by fitting a business charger at your business and getting it listed on
Zap Map. This way then you will draw in business who needs a charge

Business Electric Chargers For Workplace Typically £2500 – £5000 
– Decide whether or not you will allow the public to access your charger. You can make money and draw in customers.
Grants are sometimes available for this. We would suggest that you do get a workplace charger fitted
– 22KW is what you want subject to the survey. You should currently be able to claim most of the costs back

Home Electric Van Chargers typically £300 – £500 fitted 
– Clearly you cant allow the public into your home, yet still grants are sometimes available for this.
Currently only the Berlingo qualifies for this but it should change over 2020.
There is nothing to stop you having a workplace charger and a home charger and in fact it makes sense.
– Go for a 7KW Unit its the most you can have at home.

Electric Charger Relativity

  • House charger 3KW
  • Home charging unit 7 KW
  • Workplace charger 22KW
  • Rapid Charger 45 KW
  • Petrol Station Charger 150 KW

7  Ways Of Van Finance  

Most of our competitors tend to be leasing franchises that all sell the same “specials” that tend to be basic vans purchased at the same time by the hundred. Often the vans you are offered have sat around a while. They tend to prefer contract hire as it locks you into them for some time.
We work via banks rather than by these franchises so we are not as tied in so can offer more of an array of van finance deals. This is why our vans are fresher and  deals better. There is no leasing franchise taking a cut.
All methods are tax deductible. All methods you should really have GAP Insurance Policy in case the vehicle is written off. Many commercial insurance policies will not pay new for old.

  1. Hire purchase – VAT down or VAT deferred . HP is a great way to actually buy a van. If your VAT registered claim the whole VAT amount back within three months.   Click Here.
  2. Contract Hire – This is more popular on cars than vans. Many customers think there is no credit check but there is. Its better for large fleets and doesn’t offer any advantage for less than fleets of 10. If you want to change over 10 vehicles in one go and they are basic then please get in touch. Click here for contract hire.
  3.  Lease purchase. Not always the best deal as some manufacturers offer discounts  that cannot be used on lease purchase. Its just like HP but with a final payment and once it’s paid you get automatic ownership. It’s better once again for VAT registered businesses especially if you want a T6.1 for example to keep at the end and convert to a motorhome. Sometimes a pre registered van is cheaper. Click here
  4. Finance Lease – By far the most popular method as it attracts the lowest payments . It’s gets the largest discounts from manufacturers same as contract hire. However you can fit accessories many of which you cant n contract hire
  5. Operational Lease – Is just like finance lease however you can hand back the vehicle at the end. Some of our Mercedes vans are like this
  6. Asset Finance – We can finance many products not just vans
  7. Credit Limit – Pre approve your van purchases 90 days in advance. Useful  for example if you have a contract tender.

GAP Insurance

If you write a vehicle off in say year one the insurance company may well pay you less than the settlement value. Thus through no fault of your own you may need to buy a older cheaper van to reach the same monthly payment. Click Here to buy a GAP Policy


If you’re looking for a new or used van, give us a call at Swiss. We’ll be happy to talk modifications, finance, or walk you through the finer points of each of our great vans.

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