Ford Transit Custom Grille

Nothing sets of a new van more than the front grille. The Transit Custom changed the front grille as a facelift in 2018. The previous model the grille is pretty fixed since its utilised the Ford badge to actually hide the bonnet locking mechanism. Various attempts have been made to produce a grille for pre 2018 models but they are starting to look pretty dated.
The following types of grilles are available. Even a new Custom Sport looks better with a new Ford Grille

  • 1. Standard Grille
  • 2. Genuine Replacement Ford Grille
  • 3. Swiss Vans Modified Genuine Ford Grille
  • 4. Van X Style Ford Grille
  • 5. Swiss Vans Genuine Ford Grille In a colour
    Chosen by customer at additional cost over Red.

The Van X Grille used to be supplied a few years back with Ford letters but this is no longer the case for legal reasons. The fit is better on the genuine grilles and less likely to get stolen because if this.
Our most popular grille is of course the standard Ford Vans Grille. We do keep some stock made in bulk of Red, Yellow, Blue and Silver. If you want a special custom colour we can do it but the cost will increase since we have to buy the material and literally send someone to wait while its done for you.

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  1. Hi do you do the front grill for 2021 transit custom with the Ford large lettering in Ford in the colour orange ,if you do what is the price please thanks Rob

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