2 Year Waiting List On Defender Vans

2 Year Waiting List On Defender Vans


The Land Rover Hard Top – A Stylish and Functional Vehicle

Considering buying an unstoppable car that gives a blend of off-road capability, durability, and quality? 

You don’t need to look any further, as Swiss Vans brings you brand new Land Rover Hard Top. It has great versatility with modern technology without any sacrifices to power. These cars are available in both the 90 and 110 body styles.

Able to be customized and use powerful, efficient engines, as well as having an advanced suspension system, the Hard Top is a commercial version of the Defender, featuring exceptional capabilities.

The Land Rover Hard Top

Hard Top, this name originated from 1950s while Land Rover’s Series 1 Soft-Top was introduced with a detachable hard top load covering. The newest model of Defender Hard Top van features comfort, entertainment and a new level of convenience. Easy to drive, it is packed with valuable technological features, it’s the best 4WD van money can buy. Your new Hard Top is provided with wade sensors as well as 3D surround cameras.

The steering of the Defender Hard Top is flawlessly weighted, and the 4×4 drive system offers remarkable grip while on the road. Consequently, the Hard Top is far better than its predecessor on the road. 

Never want to have a noisy car? Have no worries at all, for the new Hard Top, road and engine noise levels are exceptionally low. It means you can drive it with peace of mind while you are on the way. 

Land Rovers are heavy vehicles that can be used for off-roading or to transport cargo. They have a high clearance (height) because they’re designed to travel over rough terrain. They have four-wheel drive and are equipped with powerful engines that allow them to go fast on highways or dirt roads.

Differences between models

It is crucial for consumers to know that there are two models of the Land Rover Hard Top. The first is the Freelander, which is smaller, sleeker, and has a lower price tag. The second is the Range Rover, which is larger with a higher price tag. The comparison between these two models will depend on the nature of the consumers. For those who want to buy an affordable vehicle, the Freelander is perfect.

However, if someone wants something larger or more luxurious in general, then the Range Rover would be better suited for them. If you are not sure which option is better for you then it is always wise to get advice from some expert. Swiss Vans is there for you to advise you to get hands on a vehicle that best suits your needs whilst considering your options to lease or finance your beloved Hard Top.

Things to consider when purchasing a Land Rover Hard Top

What kind of terrain will you be driving on? If you live in an area with snow or rain, you may need special tires designed for those conditions. Do you plan to drive off-road? Then make sure your vehicle has at least four-wheel drive capability, which will help it get traction on steep inclines or other less-than-smooth surfaces.  Lastly, check the weight capacity of your van. You’ll want a vehicle that can handle the weight of the gear you plan to put inside, so take measurements before deciding on a specific model. 

The best way to decide what is right for you is by understanding how each type operates: a hard top vs soft top, a diesel vs gas/petrol engine (diesel offers more torque), and such. We know these questions can seem overwhelming when you’re just starting out but don’t worry; we have plenty of finance options available and leasing options if monthly payments are too high.  Plus, our rental option gives you the opportunity to test drive different types of vehicles without buying them outright. 

And as always, we offer posh customized vans for a more luxurious experience and electric vans if you care about preserving the environment.

Find independence and adventure on the open road

The Land Rover Hard Top combines the space, style, and comfort of a compact car with powerful high performance at an affordable price point. The Land Rover Hard Top is a genuine all-rounder: a fully functioning terrain vehicle when you really need it, and a perfectly good car when you don’t.  

Moreover, it’s a highly desirable vehicle, meaning used values are predicted to be very strong. This doesn’t only mean that it should be worth plenty in case you wish to sell it. And there is always help available for monthly finance pricing, so you could find finance or leasing much cheaper than you expected.

This is the perfect vehicle for getting down to your allotment every Sunday morning to drive across Europe in search of your next adventure. 

In fact, if we were heading off on an expedition tomorrow, there are very few cars we’d consider taking other than a Land Rover Hard Top.

Customization Options

Swiss Vans provides a wide range of customization options for all hard top models, including luxury interior upgrades, entertainment systems, exterior modifications, and more. Whether you’re looking for a customized Land Rover or want to make your current vehicle look like new again with some new parts, Swiss Vans has the perfect solution for you. To learn more about our services or what’s available in our showroom today, please reach out to us.

Financing Available

If you need advice on how to apply for finance, please contact our team who will be happy to help.  We can also assist you in choosing which vehicle best suits your needs. 

Our team of experts will provide an informative conversation on everything you need to know when choosing finance options. We will ensure that your experience with Swiss Vans is as easy as possible.

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