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Transit Custom Lease

Ford Transit Custom Lease Deals. Buy with finance lease, lease purchase, hire purchase or even 12 month rent a Ford Transit Custom.

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Why lease a Ford Transit Custom with us?

Double-Cab-in or Kombi?

The double Cab seats 5 or usually 6 passengers 


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We make the leasing process seamless and hassle-free for your preferred model of Ford Transit Custom Van!


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Leasing a Ford Transit Custom: A Comprehensive Guide

The Ford Transit Custom van has earned a reputation for being the most versatile and reliable option for businesses and individuals. Leasing this vehicle would be the most cost-effective and flexible solution for those looking for a dependable and practical vehicle. Go through this comprehensive guide to explore all the benefits you can reap from leasing a Ford Transit Custom.

All about Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom is a part of the iconic Ford Transit series with a reputation for being a powerhouse performer in the commercial market segment. With a history dating back to the 1960s, the Transit Custom van has evolved rapidly over the years. The makers have incorporated both design advancements and modern technology while maintaining its core values of toughness and reliability.

The van is available in various body styles: Classic panel van, double cab-in-van, and kombi variants. The model offers spacious cargo capacity making it an ideal vehicle for transporting equipment and goods for businesses. The passenger variant can comfortably accommodate several passengers.

Advantages of Leasing a Ford Transit Custom

Ford Transit Custom is an attractive option for both businesses and individuals due to a plethora of reasons.

  • Lower initial costs: Leasing typically requires a lower upfront payment when compared to purchasing a new vehicle. This allows businesses to allocate their funds in an efficient way.
  • Fixed monthly payments: During a lease period, the lessees pay a fixed monthly fee. This simplifies the budgeting and cash flow management for an individual or a business.
  • Tax benefits: Leasing a commercial vehicle can offer numerous tax advantages as lease payments are often considered business expenses and can be deducted from taxable income.
  • Access newer models: Leasing allows businesses to remain up-to-date with the latest Transit Custom models and technology without the commitment of ownership.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Lease terms often align with the manufacturer’s warranty period thereby resulting in reduced maintenance costs as warranty coverage takes care of major repairs.
  • Flexibility: The lease terms usually range from 2-5 years. This allows businesses to adapt to their changing fleet requirements without having to make any long-term commitments.

Features and configurations of Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom comes in multiple configurations tailored to individual needs. The array of features has been designed for safety, comfort, and convenience such as driver-assistance technologies, infotainment systems, ergonomic seating, and ample storage compartments.

  • Panel van – The classic panel van variant features a spacious cargo area. The rear and sliding doors provide easy access making it an ideal choice for logistics and commercial deliveries.
  • Double-Cab-in-Van – This variant combines a cargo area with a second row of seats which allows the buyer to accommodate both cargo and passengers into the vehicle. This makes it suitable for businesses requiring transport of a blend of equipment and transport.
  • Kombi – The Kombi variant has been designed to transport people comfortably. It is well-suited for hotels, shuttle services, and businesses needing to move groups of employees.

The Leasing Process

Leasing a Ford Transit Custom van involves several steps that you need to understand before proceeding.

  1. Research and comparison: Do your research and compare different Ford Transit Custom configurations, models, and lease offers from authorized dealers and leasing companies to find the most suitable deal. At Swiss Vans, our dedicated team helps you navigate through the process for a seamless leasing experience.
  2. Choose your configuration: Select the Ford Transit Custom configuration that aligns the best with your personal or business requirements. If you are not sure of which model to consider for your needs, then you can speak to our team and they will help you out throughout the process.
  3. Credit check and documentation: Keep the required documents ready such as proof of identity, financial statements, and others as a credit check would be performed for assessing your financial eligibility.
  4. Negotiate lease terms: Once you are done with the credit check, you can check the lease terms including the duration, the monthly payments, mileage limits, and any additional services or packages that you may want to include.
  5. Take a test drive and complete the final inspection: Schedule a test drive to experience the vehicle first-hand. Moreover, inspect the Transit Custom van thoroughly for any issues or damage before signing the lease agreement.
  6. Sign the lease agreement: Once you are satisfied with the terms and have completed all the necessary paperwork, you can sign the lease agreement and take the delivery of your Ford Transit Custom van.

Things to consider before leasing Ford Transit Custom

You need to keep a few things in mind before finalizing the lease agreement. Here are a few factors you need to consider before signing the deal.

  1. Mileage limits: Leases come with predefined mileage limits. You can incur additional charges by exceeding the limit specified in the agreement. Hence, it is necessary that you estimate your annual mileage accurately for avoiding excessive costs.
  2. Maintenance and repairs: It is vital to understand that you are responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle during the lease period. Hence, it is a must to consider regular servicing to keep your vehicle in top condition to comply with the lease agreement.
  3. Insurance coverage: Check the insurance requirements for the leased Transit Custom. The lessor may specify specific coverage levels for protecting their assets adequately.
  4. Early termination: There could be some penalties levied if you terminate the lease agreement before the decided date. Hence, it is advised that you go through the fine print before signing the agreement.
  5. End-of-Lease options: Spend some time familiarizing yourself with all the lease options available. This should include all the terms governing the purchase of the vehicle, extension of the lease, returns, and leasing a new vehicle. The terms differ from one company to another. Hence, make sure to go through the details thoroughly before signing any lease contract. If you have any queries, you can reach out to our support team to learn more.

Leasing a Ford Transit Custom is a flexible and cost-effective solution for businesses and individuals looking for a versatile vehicle. With numerous configurations, features, and benefits like lower monthly payments and upfront costs, the Ford Transit Custom proves to be an excellent companion for diverse applications.

Before committing to a lease, perform thorough research and negotiate favourable terms. Study or assess your business needs or personal requirements and choose the appropriate Transit Custom Configuration to make the most out of your leasing experience. remember to consider factors such as mileage limits, insurance coverage, maintenance responsibilities, and more for ensuring a smooth and rewarding leasing journey with your Ford Transit Custom.

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