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MAXUS is a great brand that builds on the previous experience and expertise of British brand LDV, acquired by Chinese manufacturer SAIC in 2009. If you’re looking for a superb van or you need a sturdy Luton to rival the Renault Master or Citroen Relay, MAXUS vans may well provide the answer.

Built with state-of-the-art materials and a future focus, MAXUS vans offer a new choice at a realistic price for anyone who needs a reliable vehicle for daily use. And thanks to user-driven innovation and products, MAXUS has a real chance to become a serious force in the British and European vehicle markets.

Taking symbolism seriously, the MAXUS logo and its connected arrows signify “technology, trust, and ambition”: the brand’s essential values. MAXUS vans are included in SAIC’s “new four modernisations” plan which comprises electrification, intelligence, connection, and sharing, along with an element of customisation to further development and break through the industry’s long-held boundaries.

With initiatives for clean energy and hydrogen fuel technology (electrification), the development of intelligent driving technology to improve user experience of vehicles (intelligence), internet connectivity and an online travel platform (connection), and a deep integration of leasing and sharing to reduce costs and change the way people travel (sharing), SAIC is striving to modernise the industry and make automotive travel better for people and the planet. Always a good idea!

While there are a variety of different vehicles on offer with the MAXUS badge, here at Swiss, we’re focusing on the Deliver 9, the eDeliver 9, the eDeliver 3, and the Luton (or the Deliver 9 Chassis Cab). Check out the summaries below or read our full product pages for all the details. And if MAXUS vans sound good to you, give us a call at Swiss to find out more!

MAXUS Deliver 9

A large van with a fantastic cargo capacity of up to 13m3, the Deliver 9 is a lower-cost rival of the Ford Transit, but it can also provide some competition for medium vans like the Ford Transit Custom, VW Transporter, or Mercedes Vito. Available in three wheelbases and four roof heights, the MAXUS Deliver 9 can be configured as a panel van or a crew cab, giving you the versatility you need for work, family, or both. 

You’ll get up to 27.6 miles per gallon in this van, which has a 1 360 kg maximum payload, and stretches to 5,940 mm in length. Safety features include an automatic emergency braking system, and intelligent anti-theft security system, a lane departure warning system and more.

MAXUS eDeliver 9

With a city range of up to 219 miles and the possibility of a battery fast charge to 80% in just 40 minutes, the MAXUS eDeliver9 and its 150kW motor (310Nm peak torque) give power and capacity for a wide range of jobs. And with a payload of 1290kg excluding passengers and 6680mm maximum length, the eDeliver 9 is a great option for those who want to get the job done and care for the planet too.

The motor can be paired with a 51.5 kWh, 72 kWh or 88.55 kWh battery configuration, which can be charged via A/C (7-12 hours for 100%) or DC (36-45 min for 80%) charger.

It has been featured with up to 11m3 storage capacity, a top speed up to 100km/hr and is designed with strength in mind, using 9.2m laser welding, 54% high strength steel and PHS. The MAXUS eDeliver9 also features three driving modes: power, normal and eco.

This van has several nifty features including a multifunction steering wheel, electrically heated side mirrors, a single-side sliding door as well as double wing rear doors, a lane departure warning system, High Beam Recognition and more.

MAXUS eDeliver 3

The little brother of the eDeliver 9, the MAXUS eDeliver 3 is a smaller, lighter van with a strong design and powerful performance. It has a range of up to 213 miles and a payload of up to 945kg, and with a choice of batteries to pair with its 90kW motor (255Nm peak torque), you can be sure to get the configuration that best suits your lifestyle.

This van boasts an aerodynamic design, reducing wind resistance, and reaching a top speed of 120km/hr. It stretches to a maximum length of 5,037mm, with a 4.8m3 cargo volume. The motor can be paired with a 35 Kw or 52.5 Kw Ternary Polymer Lithium battery configuration charged via AC (100% in 6-8 hours) or DC (80% in 45 min) charger.

The MAXUS eDeliver9 features two driving modes (normal and eco drive) and three energy recovery modes. It’s also clear that safety was paramount, with such features as an advanced driver assistance system, a rear proximity sensor, a tyre pressure monitoring system, a lane departure warning system, high beam recognition, a reversing camera, rear parking sensors, electrically heated side mirrors, and more.

MAXUS Deliver 9 Luton (Chassis Cab)

If what you need is an excellent utility vehicle with a wide range of applications, you’ll love the MAXUS Luton built from the MAXUS Deliver 9 Chassis Cab. Available in Medium and Long with a maximum payload of 1480kg, the Chassis Cab is an outstanding base for a Luton construction, and the MAXUS Luton is a great vehicle whatever you’re carrying.

The Chassis Cab has electric power steering, a six-speed manual gearbox, rear-wheel drive and a 2.0-litre, Euro 6d, D20 diesel engine.
Swiss Van is able to upgrade the Luton Chassis Cab (some via bespoke build) with features such as reversing cameras, additional security, improved infotainment, refridgeration, tailifts and more (even a sleeping pod).

Sale or lease options

Ask Swiss Vans about its new and Saic Maxus range for sale, or hire. We offer streamlined contracts, processing and delivery times; customised plans; and great stock. Check out our website for the latest deals on offer.
You can get behind the wheel of a custom van via a van hire purchase; van lease purchase; a finance lease; a 3-, 6-, or 12-month lease, a long-term rental, or a van contract hire.

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