New VW Amarok Bodykit – Extras for Your Truck


New VW Amarok Bodykit – Extras for Your Truck

Volkswagen is considered one of the most valuable automotive brands for making vehicles that can be customised to suit any need. They did not skimp on this with the Amarok. The all-new VW Amarok is designed to be your ‘go anywhere’, ‘do anything’ work truck. When work takes you off the beaten path to forge new trails, this truck will get you there, in style — with all of your tools and supplies. The Amarok is a unique truck styled in partnership with the Ford Ranger. Sticking with Volkswagen’s customisable history, the Amarok comes in many different models with a variety of bodykits. Today we’re going to explore many combinations of New VW Amarok Bodykit and how these bodykits contribute to your needs.

What is a bodykit?

A bodykit is a series of exterior parts designed to give you the ability to customise your truck. The parts in a bodykit can include spoilers, sidesteps, roll bars, wheels, and so much more. Every vehicle on the road has interchangeable bodykit parts, but the Amarok has so many that we could be here for days. With hundreds of combinations available for New VW Amarok Bodykit on the market, this is truly an interchangeable truck.

Why do I need New VW Amarok Bodykit?

The VW Amarok’s ability to shift and change gives you the ability to make your truck more aerodynamic, easier to handle, or faster. If you want to go for looks, your Amarok can be beefy, sporty, wider, longer, or lower. The possibilities are endless. The wide access to New VW Amarok Bodykit parts allows you to always have a great replacement part if you sustain body damage or to protect your truck from damage. The best part of customising your Amarok is the ability to have a fleet of matching stylish trucks that help to scream your company’s name and personality. No one will have an Amarok like yours! Your bodykit can even give you more space for tools, supplies, and everything in between.


If expressing personality is of importance to you, the Amarok has a bodykit to impress. With the many parts available, making your truck stand out with personality is easy. If you want a fleet of monstrous beast-like trucks, the Amarok can deliver with front and rear bumper upgrades plus other body modifications. You can also send the message that you deliver fast with sporty bodykit parts, making your truck look sleek and ready for the track. The bodykits will do more than just make your truck look beefy or sporty, certain parts can even make it more functional or have better traction.

Functionality and off-road

The Amarok was built to haul everything you need to even the most remote location. Powered by a 3.0 litre V6 motor with two output options, depending on the model you choose — highline or trendline. The Amarok comes with 17” and 18” alloy wheels and an 8-speed automatic transmission — giving you great traction. Sticking with their record of customisation options, there are bodykits and conversions available to turn the Amarok into a true beast. The New VW Amarok Bodykit can raise the height up to 100 mm, with various parts, giving you more space to go up steep or rocky areas without damaging the truck. For even more height you can upgrade parts like shocks, springs, wheels, and tyres. Make it look and function even better with fender upgrades, and your Amarok is ready to forge new paths and tame the wild.

Extra space

While you’re in the wild, you will need all of your tools, equipment, and materials. The Amarok has the ability to be converted into a hauler’s dream. With a standard tow capacity of up to 3,500 kg, add a tow hitch and bespoke racks to start off. The Amarok comes with the ability to have a max payload of up to 1,160 kg. Still need more space? There are plenty of bodykits to make the truck longer, wider, and all around bigger — while looking good in the process. For added protection of your load, you can have an electrically controlled roll cover installed as well.

Safety and security for you and the environment

Speaking of safety, there are bodykits to assist in protecting your Amarok’s body, frame, motor, and load. Things like fenders and skid plates can add that extra touch to keep your truck safe while off-road. Side steps go a long way in adding protection while also adding flare and style. As discussed earlier, the Amarok comes with several modifiers to lift the truck — providing extra room for you to slip over rocks and uneven surfaces. For safety while driving, you can have a reversing camera or braided brake hose kit installed. Another major necessary modifier if you plan to have a fleet of trucks off-road is a winch. There are several types of bumpers and grilles available to fulfil your every need — giving you a winch and even lights and other extras.


Now that we have covered safety, storage, and style, let’s move on to the extras that can provide flare and additional functionality. There are a multitude of front and rear bumpers, roof racks, and even side steps that come with built-in lighting systems — lighting your world and providing style day or night. Need more lighting? You can find modifying parts for the loading area to provide more lighting for you. To stand out even more, you can even find custom-made exhaust systems to make your truck sound distinctly different from the rest — stand out and be remembered. Want to advertise your company more? Add some stickers to the body with anything from a splash of colour to your company’s name, logo, or motto.

Buy your custom Amarok today

Here at Swiss Vans, we are dedicated to helping you get the bespoke truck your company needs. Come in today to choose your New VW Amarok Bodykit, and give your truck the shape you love the most. We have a financing plan for any budget — cash or credit card purchase, lease, or purchase hire to get a whole fleet. Not sure that you want to invest in an Amarok at the moment? Try one out on a rental basis before you purchase it — you’re bound to love it!

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