Interior Upgrades

InTerior Upgrades

You spend a lot of time in your van, so it pays to make it as comfortable, as convenient, and as “you” as possible. Here at Swiss, we offer a wide range of van upgrades to turn everyday life — and your everyday drive — from a chore into a joy. And don’t forget, you can spread the cost of upgrades across your finance repayments, so no worries about paying upfront.

FLAT-BOTTOM, Leather Steering Wheels

You’re in constant contact with your steering wheel, so extra comfort and practicality there go a long way to improving your daily commute. Our flat-bottomed, leather steering wheels offer improved grip, better handling, and an all-round enhanced driving experience.

Ford Transit Custom Steering Wheel
VW TYransporter Flat Bottom steering wheel

Many  of our vans are available with a customised steering wheel. Its named flat bottomed and comprises of black leather, grey insert and perforations. These are available from stock. We can do bespoke steering wheels but allow at least a month in advance.

Other Available upgrades

There’s a lot we can do at Swiss to customise your van. Here are some of the other options you could consider to improve the look, feel, and overall experience of your van, whether you’re driving for work or a full-on adventure.


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