VW Transporter ABT Lease

VW Transporter ABT

From £599.00 +VAT per month

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VW Transporter T6.1 Highline + Full ABT Kit from £599 + VAT

Full ABT kit  includes front splitter and grille, side skirts, rear apron, rear spoiler. 


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You’ll Love our Affordable VW Transporter ABT Pack!

The ABT kit works with the Transporter panel van or Transporter kombi, and it can even be fitted to a VW Caravelle. Whatever your van, we can make it even better with alloys, splitters, quad exhausts, leather interior, lowering … get creative and design your perfect ABT Transporter.

The ABT kits are engineered with care and quality in Germany, so you know you’re getting a decent product. They’re sold modular: great whether you want everything ABT has to offer or just one or two highlights.

With all of this excitement, you’re probably expecting an unpleasant price-tag surprise, but actually an ABT-customised Transporter T6.1 costs only fractionally more than a standard Transporter Highline from most dealers. Seriously! We have great connections in the industry, and the volume of vans we sell means that we can offer some truly unbeatable deals.

In general, the most affordable way to get your hands on a new VW Transporter ABT is by leasing one. And with our VW Transporter ABT Lease, you own the van at the end of the agreement. No need to sell it on or hand it back; it’s yours to keep forever. Of course, you can sell it if you want to, and as we welcome part-exchange (PX) here at Swiss Vans, we’ll happily buy it back from you within a reasonable timeframe. (Over 60% of our customers buy from us again within three years.)

We totally understand that you might be impatient to drive one of these fantastic vans away today, so we’ll just tell you gently now that, while our standard delivery takes about two weeks, VW Transporter ABT conversions do take a little longer: normally six to eight weeks. That said though, they’re 100% worth the wait.

VW Transporter ABT Lease Prices: How Much?

The more you’d like to spend, the higher spec and more ABT kit we can put on your new Transporter. We’re also happy to discuss additional upgrades like VW’s 7-speed DSG automatic transmission, a 204hp engine (2.0-litre turbodiesel, of course), VW’s 4Motion AWD system, etc. Every upgrade you want can be included in your monthly lease payments, so no worries about having to pay anything upfront.

ABT Front Splitter Only

Front splitter from £35 (this requires the Highline trim as mentioned above)

With an ABT conversion, you will definitely make your van stand out on the road. To make it look even better, you can add an ABT grille for a mere £19 more. 

Full ABT Body Kit

This starts from £499 and includes a front splitter, front grille, side skirts, rear apron with mock exhaust, and rear spoiler. You certainly get a lot for your money with the ABT kits!

You can upgrade even further if you’ve got a bit more money to spend. At Swiss Vans, we can also provide:

  • ABT or Swiss Vans alloys: Genuine ABT alloys cost about another £79 per month on top of the standard lease payment, but we have such an excellent range of wheels here at Swiss Vans that we can also offer you another make that costs less but still looks great with the ABT kit.
  • Quad ABT exhaust or a sound booster for mock exhaust
  • ABT or Swiss Vans leather interior
  • Lowering springs 

Is Leasing a VW Transporter T6.1 ABT Conversion Right For You?

Yes! Leasing suits most of our customers. As long as you’re approved for the credit, our VW Transporter ABT Finance is usually the cheapest way to get an ABT Transporter. And as we’ve already mentioned, you get to keep the van at the end. If you do decide to sell it back to us at some point in the not-too-distant future for PX, you’ll find that our deals get even better for our existing Swiss Vans customers.

We’re also happy to go above and beyond the ABT kit with additional mods: Bilstein suspension, performance upgrades, soundproofing, carpeting, van wrapping, linings, etc. It’s even possible to arrange remapping locally after delivery. Your imagination and budget are the limits, so give us a call at Swiss Vans today (or fill in our contact form if it’s after hours), and we’ll make a start.

Finally, if all this sounds great but not quite right for you, check out our Ford Transit Custom MSRT. It’s similar to the VW Transporter ABT and in the same price range, but it might appeal more to you if you’re a Ford lover.

Either way, we’ll do our best to ensure that you end up with a van you’ll love and one that everyone else will love too.


ABT Front Splitter Only

Front splitter from £35 (requires Highline version)

With ABT you can make your van stand out on the road. To make it look even better, get ABT grille for just £19 extra.

Full ABT Body Kit

Starts from £499

Full ABT kit includes: front splitter, front grille, side skirts, rear apron with mock exhaust, rear spoiler.

Upgrade with:
– ABT or Swiss alloys
– quad ABT exhaust or sound booster for mock exhaust
– ABT or Swiss leather
– lowering springs



If you’re looking for a new or used van, give us a call at Swiss. We’ll be happy to talk modifications, finance, or walk you through the finer points of each of our great vans.

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