engine remapping

Engine Remapping

Swiss Vans No Longer Offer engine remapping of any description.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Reveo Remapping
Pendle remapping

Pendle Engine Remapping Bridgend South Wales

Cost is typically £375 plus VAT and takes  2 hours in a  while you wait service which is great for Volkswagen  Transporter Kombi 

0% finance subject to starts from November 2016 works out roughly £36 a month with £45  down. A Mercedes Vito Sport can make 220 HP 
For 0% finance ring for an email link to apply. A Ford Transit Custom Sport Lease can make 220 PS 

This is a customised Engine Remapping

We save a log of your vehicle software before sending it electronically across to a human who will custom the map to your vehicle.
This means it suits any vehicle from old to new. The VW Highline maps especially well 

  • Typically you get a massive increase in power and torque.
  • Far less gear changing.
  • The remapp is safe and guaranteed or 10 years.
  • We will reinstall if you have have your software updated by VW due to a routine update which is rare.

As of 22nd September we are running the “Get a free Pendle Remap Campaign’
When you remap your car or van we give you a voucher.
Most of you will tell friends and family about your remap anyway.
If you help us book your friends or family in for a Pendle Remap into Swiss 2 at David Street in Bridgend.
we will give you £20 back for each  successful remap you have sent us.
With any luck you can send us enough referrals to pay for your remap.
Who knows we might be paying you back more.
We can do many makes and models not just the T5 and T6.
There is a three-month time limit.

The vehicle has to come to Swiss 2 no other Pendle Agent.

The friend or family must either be emailed  in advance to workshop@vansales.com
or Ring 01656 674620 and mention your name and this referral offer (call recording)


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