New 2023 New Shape VW Amarok

New 2023 New Shape VW Amarok

The long awaited VW Amarok Lease. There has been a little gap since 2019 in the Volkswagen range since the old V6 Amarok was killed off. This is the replacement that is available to factory order from early 2023 but its unlikely you will get delivery until the end of the year. This fabulous pick up truck fills a gap in the market. This New VW Amarok
has had very few details released so far but you cannot mistake the Tesla Like digital dashboard and new Amarok cockpit display


The New Volkswagen Amarok – Your Dream Machine

With more power and charisma than ever before, the newest Amarok is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. Stay up to date with Swiss Vans for all the latest on the latest and the greatest Amarok and be the one of the first to get your hands on this speed machine when orders open. 

Amarok – a Pickup Truck with Style

If you’re in the market for a new Volkswagen Amarok, prices could start at around £30,000. This includes a 2.0L diesel truck that won’t have as many features as the other models. If you want more power and more features, the price will increase to £33,000. Volkswagen’s most powerful pickup truck is a V6 3.0L diesel with all the extras for about £41,000.

One of the best benefits of Amarok is that they are all made to carry up to one-ton payload. This means if you use your Amarok for business, you may have the option to claim VAT and tax benefits.

The Amarok is Defined by Success

Amarok stands alone when it comes to the incredible design of the new VW vehicles offered for commercial usage. It is featured with a considerably wider wheelbase which results in enhanced off-road capability. On top of that the newest model of Amarok looks more rugged as compared to its predecessor.

New VW Amarok will be available in five different trim levels such as entry-level Amarok’, PanAmericana, Aventura, Plus Life and Style so you can select the one that best suits your needs.

Standard features of the basic Amarok model include LED headlights, digital instruments, DAB radio, 16 ″ steel wheels, auto folding mirrors, a Touch Screen 10″ Monitor, and a driver’s seat with height-adjustable feature. Amarok is provided with a whole suite of driver’s aids comprising dynamic road sign display technology, intelligent speed assistance, a rear view camera, intelligent cruise control, lane keeping assist and reverse parking sensors. 

Drive in Style with Amarok

Get the latest, high-quality SUV and experience premium features like smart infotainment and contemporary driver assistance technology.

Modern vehicles like the newest Amarok come with all kinds of great assistance systems. In the Amarok, there are over 20 that are completely new and 30 in total. On board are mobile online services that make life a bit easier for you all the time.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles offer a line of rugged, off-road vehicles that have amazing quality. The Amarok is just one example. This high-end vehicle comes with high-quality driving comfort, most advanced safety features, and much more. It’s sure to turn your trip into a safe, stress-free ride.

Variants of the Amarok – Which One is Perfect for You? 

VW Amarok Life

The VW Amarok Life is the flawless vehicle for you if you want a dependable and luxurious car that you can drive to enjoy the off-road adventures. It’s comfortable enough for long drives and tough enough to take on any terrain. Whether you’re looking for a daily driver or an adventure vehicle, the Amarok Life is a perfect choice.

VW Amarok Style

Vw Amarok Style works as a mud mask for your commercial vehicle. Whether you are sophisticatedly driving through the city roads or energetically cruising throughout the landscapes of countryside, its guaranteed that the Amarok Style will always look incredibly amazing.

VW Amarok PanAmericana 

Unmatched off-road performance – With the Amarok PanAmericana, it’s easy to switch from dirt to asphalts without losing power or stability. The high-class equipment upgrades your rugged look.

VW Amarok Aventura

Amarok Aventura is distinguished by its sophisticated, assertive, and influential design. It has luxurious features like classy accents, making it eye-catching in urban and industrial environments.

The Amarok comes with all the smartphone-integration features you’d expect of a vehicle within this category, in addition to VW’s suite of connected services. It also has thoughtful touches for frequent travellers, including tactile physical switches below the screen and materials designed to withstand the demands of a hard worker like yourself.

There are up to 20 storage trays and compartments scattered throughout this truck’s cabin for anything you might need.

The Amarok offers an array of innovative features and technologies to ensure ultimate comfort and durability. Features such as state-of-the-art airbags, assistance systems, and more help keep you safe on the road.

With the purpose of enhancing the off-road capability, there are a variety of options for you such as making use of modified dimensions, range of body, chassis, transmission or engine variants, and an expressively greater fording depth. If this is not good enough for you then you may seek advice from the experts at Swiss Vans. We have years of experience in selling new Volkswagen cars and trucks. 

Volkswagen Amarok: The New Generation

The Amarok will be offered in five mind-blowing trim variants and eight spectacular colours. We’re waiting to see which ones will make it to the UK.

Swiss Vans are the team for you, whether you need a new electric van for your business or something to keep your personal life organised, we’ll find you the perfect vehicle at a price that suits your budget. 

We’ll take care of everything- from finding the perfect vehicle, taking it for a test drive, helping you decide what kind of finance option is best for you, and even taking your old car off your hands.

Call our tech geeks to discuss the features of your next VW in detail. You may also ask them questions about leasing your next Volkswagen. In case you are on a budget and want a pre-owned modified VW then just drop by the showroom of Swiss Vans to get your hands on your dream car today. 

The Amarok is expected to go on sale in the UK before the end of this year. Swiss Vans is following this closely, so be sure to check back with us often for new updates!

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