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Luton Vans

New Luton Vans for Sale & Lease

Luton vans are vehicles with a large lightweight storage box attached to the back of a chassis cab. This provides more space which is why they are a popular choice of vehicle with delivery and removal businesses. Moving heavy furniture can be a struggle but Lutons can come with a tail gate and twin rear doors which makes loading easy.

Although the storage container is lightweight, the Luton box van is surprisingly robust and can carry a weight of over a tonne. However, despite a tailgate being able to lift 500kg, it reduces the payload by 250kg. You can go for a low-loader option which will enable you to carry over a tonne and will be quicker to load than a tail gate.

As Luton vans are specifically designed to move large heavy loads, they are only available in single cab form to maximise load space and payload. This means only three people can travel (which includes the driver) at a time.

Here at Swiss, we can help you get behind the wheel of a brand new Luton van from any of our manufacturers such as Volkswagen vans

Manufacturers of Luton vans

Most van manufacturers who produce large vans usually offer Luton options, using the chassis cab of their large van models as the base. Size, wheelbase length and loading options will depend on the manufacturer you opt for when selecting your Luton.

Manufacturers and models of Luton box vans include:

The engine power may be an influencing factor when making your decision about which manufacturer to go with. If you’ll more often or not be moving heavier loads or travelling along steep roads then you’ll probably want a more powerful engine. Ford and Mercedes offer the strongest engines with the Transit at 140PS and the Sprinter at 129PS.

Stock or bespoke luton van?

90% of the luton vans we sell are ready made off the shelf. This is perfect as its fast and cheap. Hence our prices are about £100 to £200 a month cheaper than many of the custom body builders and man dealers.
If you want a bespoke build we are happy to look at this on the understanding its built when its built. A custom built van can easily take 3-6 months and its unrealistic to expect a manufacturer  and builder to drop everything to speed one vehicle up which is often the case with customers. Renting a such a van can easily cost £1000 a month so please think ahead.

Options for Luton vans

Luton vans can also be modified to cater for the particular needs of you or your business. There are options for loading to make it easier for you if you are lifting heavy items such as a fridge-freezer or a piano.

Extra options for Luton vans can include:

  • Tail-lift
  • Low loader conversion or dropwell
  • Aerodynamic curved roof (Citroen and Mercedes only)
  • Special high roof
  • Extra tie rails and load lok
  • Light fibreglass body

Here at Swiss, we are happy to make changes to your own Luton van but this will mean the vehicle may take longer to get to you. Factory order is also available which will be made by the chosen manufacturer.

How to purchase a Luton van

Once you’ve chosen the Luton and any extras you need to best suit your company, you’re going to want to start thinking about how to get your hands on it. We have different purchase options available to suit everyone. Our most popular is the Citroen Relay Luton or the Ford Transit Luton

Our van finance methods and luton van leasing include:

Luton Van Leasing

Very few customers can afford to do just a small number of miles in a Luton Van. Unless the wheels are turning the chances are your not earning thus. Every one of our  Leasing Deals includes a way to reduce the final payment. By reducing the final payment you dont have to worry about the balloon being too much . It also means that if you have two really great years after buying from us , you may well be able to PX early after 2/3 years. This can work great for tax and warranty. If a Luton has less than 100,000 miles the value is much greater.
You can have zero final payment lease but every used Luton van has a resale value so you might as well have just a small one if this sounds like you.

To find out more about each of the methods, take a look here for van finance

Give one of our friendly sales team a call and they will be happy to help you with any Luton van-based questions or queries you may have. Better still, they are ready to find the Luton you need for your business.

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