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The Ford Transit Custom Double Cab and Panel Van. These vehicles are renowned for their reliability, and they’ve been the choice of businesses and families for many years. Here at Swiss Vans in South Wales, we’re Ford experts, and we’d love to tell you a bit more about these fantastic vehicles.

Parkers’s  Guide 2022 Van of the Year, the Modified  Ford Transit Custom is a versatile workhorse in the medium-van category. It offers one of the highest payload ratings in its class, and is consistently the best-selling van in the UK.

Panel Van, Double Cab , or Tourneo?

Depending on your specific needs, you could opt for the Ford Transit Custom panel van, the Ford Transit Custom Double Cab  or even the Ford Tourneo Custom. And if you’re confused as to what the difference is between the two, fear not: I’ll explain briefly here.

If you need to carry fewer than three people and a lot of cargo, you’ll be after the panel van. The Transit Custom panel van has 3 seats in the front with a solid bulkhead behind them and a (very) generous cargo area behind that. It also has — and this is a very nifty little feature — a load-through hatch from the cargo area through the bulkhead and into the cab at floor level on the passenger side. The hatch’s diameter means that it’s only of use for things like pipes and planks, but if you’re struggling to fit these long items into your van, the hatch might be revolutionary for you.

If you need to be able to fit a few more people into your vehicle, you’ll be wanting to look at the Transit Custom Double Cab DCiV. Also known as the Transit Custom Double Cab, the DCiV (short for Double Can-in-Van) is a great compromise between passenger space and cargo-carrying capacity. It has a second row of three seats behind the first (hence the Double Cab) and then a full-height bulkhead behind those. While its cargo area is reduced from that of the panel van, it’s still a very useful size.

Finally, you might want to carry all passengers and not be worried about cargo at all. In that case, we’d recommend that you look at the Tourneo Custom, Ford’s 8- or 9-seat passenger equivalent to the Transit Custom Minibus


Of course, whatever you’re carrying, you’ll need some real numbers to know how big the van actually is. Both the modified Transit Custom panel and Double Cab DCiV vans come in SWB and LWB models: that’s short wheelbase and long wheelbase, in case you were wondering. Ford calls these L1 and L2. As you might expect, Ford refers to the two heights in which the Transit Custom is available as H1 and H2. These letters and numbers are combined to make the model-sizes, so you can have an L1H2 or an L2H1, etc.

The external height of each combination, while it won’t tell you how much you can fit on the inside, is a useful figure to have if you regularly encounter low bridges or car parks with those annoying dangly bars at the entrance.

  • L1H1: 1925-2000mm
  • L1H2: 2286-2366mm
  • L2H1: 1922-1979mm
  • L2H2: 2285-2343mm

As for what you get inside the vans, the low roof (H1) models have an internal height of 1406mm, and the high roof (H2) models offer 1778mm in height. The load length on the SWB (L1) is 2554mm, and you’ll have 2921mm length in the LWB (L2) Transit Custom.

The load width is the same across all models: 1775mm. This does narrow a little at the wheel arches, so the width measurement there is 1351mm. In terms of load capacity, you’ve got decent volume across all models.

  • L1H1: 6.0m3
  • L1H2: 7.2m3
  • L2H1: 6.8m3
  • L2H2: 8.3m3

GVWs and Payload

Along with knowing how much you can fit into the vans, you might want to know how much they can carry weight-wise. Each vehicle has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) and a payload. Whereas the payload is how much cargo the van can carry, the GVW refers to the entire legal weight of the vehicle including the cargo, driver/passengers, and the actual van itself.

The payloads on the Ford Transit Custom range from just under 700kg to nearly 1500kg: superb for a van of its size and even more than some vans in the “large” class can carry. Transit Custom GVWs range from 2.5tonnes (2500kg) to 3.4tonnes (3400kg).


To carry all that weight, the van’s going to need a decent engine! Ford provide just that in their Euro 6, 2.0-litre TDCi EcoBlue turbodiesel. Offered in 105hp, 130hp, 170hp, and 185hp, this great engine is efficient, quiet, and works wonders pulling heavy loads. Ford also offer an EcoBlue hybrid and a plug-in model, so please do ask us about these if ecology is one of your priorities. It’s never too late to start focusing on the environment!


Ford fit a 6-speed manual gearbox as standard on the Transit Custom and some Tourneo models, but they also offer a 6-speed automatic transmission. This can be an excellent option for those who spend a lot of time stuck in traffic or who would just prefer an automatic. It tends to get generally good reviews, but it does have a few minor niggles.


Once you’ve got your exterior and your mechanics sorted, you’ll need to think what sort of interior experience you want. The Transit Custom is available in a wide range of different trim levels; as Swiss, we specialise in a few of those. We sell the fantastic Ford Transit Custom Sport for those who want a super-stylish, enviably trendy look. We also sell the Ford Transit Custom Limited for a less flashy look. And if neither of those is quite what you’re after, we’d be delighted to talk to you about our amazing upgrades: the Ford Transit Custom WASP and the Ford Transit Custom Hornet. From cool curb-appeal to edgy sportiness rivalling that of the Modified Custom Sport, we’ve got you covered with whatever mods you might want.

Standard Items

Just to give you an idea of the basic spec, here are some of the Limited’s main highlights:

  • 8-inch infotainment screen with Ford’s Sync 3 system, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Wipers and lights with automatic setting
  • Lumbar-adjustable driver’s seat
  • Power-adjustable and power-folding door mirrors
  • Cruise control with speed limiter function
  • Parking sensors at the front and rear
  • Dual passenger seat with fold-out table
  • Heated windscreen with “Quickclear” technology
  • Steering wheel with a leather trim
  • 16” alloy wheels
  • Heated seats on the driver’s and main passenger’s seats (no such luck for the passenger in the middle, unfortunately)
  • Air-conditioning
  • Alarm
  • LED lighting in the cargo area
  • Tie-down points (8) in the cargo area

We also occasionally sell the Active and Trail trims. The Trail features extras such as a full-leather interior, a FORD grille, door handles and the rear bumper coloured to match the body of the van, and a “tutone” front bumper, etc. The Transit Custom Active has 17” alloys, a trim-specific front grille and lower bumper, a “tutone” rear bumper, and an “Active” leather interior, etc.

If a Ford van sounds like your cup of tea, give us a call at Swiss. We’re always happy to talk about our great vans and help customers (and potential customers) make the best choice for them. We offer outstanding finance arrangements including an affordable Ford Transit Custom Lease, so we can almost always make things work whatever your situation.

Have a look through the rest of the site for a bit more information or get in touch today; we’ll help get you on the road and smiling behind the wheel as soon as we can.

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