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    Toyota Hilux Lease

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  • Toyota Hilux

    You’ve only got to look at how long the Toyota Hilux has been around to know it is a reliable pickup truck. For around half a century, the Hilux has been used in many different ways – from towing caravans, transporting tools or even pulling another vehicle from a ditch. It can still be used for all these things while now it can come with a touch of class, too.

    Pickup trucks are stereotypically heavy and unpleasant to drive. You may expect a bumpy ride but the Hilux is surprisingly comfortable for a large commercial vehicle. Whether you’re navigating across bumpy terrain or towing along motorways, you’ll feel at home in the modern cab of the Toyota Hilux.

    With it having a more car-like feel than the previous Hilux generations, it can now double up as a business tool as well as a family vehicle. Towing capability means you can pull weights of up to 3.5 tonnes while the payload is approximately a tonne.

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    Specifications of the Toyota Hilux

    Some people just want a Hilux to serve a purpose – whether that be for agriculture or construction. Others may need one to tow a boat or transport a dirtbike while using it for everyday life. Either way, there is a Hilux for you.

    The Hilux comes as a 2.4 diesel engine with all wheel drive where you have the choice between manual or automatic transmission.


    The most basic specification and therefore the most affordable; the Active is usually used by those who solely require it for work. For the optimum amount of load space from your Hilux, you must opt for the Active as the Single Cab and Extra Cab shapes are only available in this specification.


    An upgrade on the Active; the Icon looks much better with 17” alloy wheels and colour-coded bumpers. It also comes with DAB radio, touch screen, cruise control and reversing camera. Only available as Double Cab.


    The Invincible looks better again with bigger alloy wheels at 18 inches. It comes with a couple of extra features such as stop/start engine, smart entry and LED headlights.

    Invincible X

    Top of the range; the Invincible X has a touch of added class with the full black interior which comes with leather. For those cold winter mornings, the front seats are electrically heated.

    You can get any modifications or upgrades on the Toyota Hilux at Swiss HQ. If you wanted to opt for a lower specification but want to include an extra, we can do that.

    How to get a Toyota Hilux

    Our sales team are on hand to discuss what you want from your Toyota Hilux and will help to find the best vehicle for you. We will help get the best deal that will suit your budget.

    The most popular way to get this vehicle would be through a lease.

    Payment methods include:

    • Contract hire
    • Finance lease
    • Buying outright
    • Lease purchase
    • Hire purchase

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