Peugeot Vans

Peugeot Vans

Peugeot was founded in 1810 as a manufacturer of coffee mills and bicycles. Since then, they have gone on to become a major player in the automotive industry, producing cars and commercial vehicles. They started making vans in the late 19th century before launching their first front wheel panel van in the early 1950’s. Peugeot vans have been on the up ever since.

What Peugeot vans can I get?

Whether you want something small and easy to drive to get you to and from jobs or whether you need something that can hold a hefty amount of cargo, Peugeot have a van for you. With a model in each size – small, medium and large – there is a van that can serve a purpose for any business.


The small van in the Peugeot range is the Peugeot Partner which can be adapted to suit your needs. Perfect for sole tradespeople who need to get themselves and their equipment around, the Partner is easy to drive and easy to load. Whatever you want from your small van, the Partner can give you.

You can get the Partner in three different variants; two lengths and a crew cab version. There is plenty of space in this small van with a load capacity up to 3.7m3 and a maximum payload of 636kg, depending on what size you go for. For those who require a workforce for their business, the crew cab includes additional seating so you can carry your colleagues between jobs, too.

Already an excellent performer on fuel, you can get even better with the Electric engine. If this is a viable option for you, you can save a lot of money while also becoming eco-friendly.

Find out more about the Peugeot Partner


For something stronger and a little bigger, the medium sized Peugeot Expert could be the van for you. Powerful and modern; the Expert is sure to make your life a lot easier, whatever its use. Coming as a panel van, platform cab, crew van or Combi, there is a van to suit any business need.

You may not want something this big but the Partner may not be strong enough or have the room to deliver for you. However, the Expert comes in a compact model which is perfect for those who do more urban driving and need that extra bit of power. Volume is up to 5.1m3 and payload is up to 1.4 tonnes.

With the bigger sizes, you can increase load space to up to 6.6m3 but payload remains at 1.4 tonnes across all sizes. For those who need to carry passengers, the crew van can do that and also have some space for cargo whereas the Combi is primarily for passengers.

Get more information on the Peugeot Expert.


It is accepted that larger vans aren’t as economical as smaller vans but, for its size, the Peugeot Boxer excels in this department. Efficient on fuel and efficient on space, too; the Boxer is an ideal large van for those who require moving large loads, such as home removals. The Boxer can be strong enough to hold up to a massive 3.5 tonnes with a load volume of up to 17m3.

Not only can the Boxer serve those who shift heavy loads but it can be converted to suit the needs of others, too. It is possible to add seats with the crew cab or combi models for those who need to transport passengers. Conversions can be made more specific for your particular needs with dropside and tipper options available.

All in all, the Boxer can be a practical option for almost any business with the range of load space and versatile options on offer.

Learn more about the Peugeot Boxer

Swiss HQ upgrades

You can tailor your Peugeot van even further by including extras to assist you with your driving or your work. It is possible to upgrade the look, too.

Extras with Swiss can include:

Up to 22” alloys
Reversing camera
Nappa leather interior

Find out more about Swiss Vans accessories here.

Purchase options for Peugeot vans

If you want to get your hands on a Peugeot van, you can do so in a number of ways with Swiss Vans. Businesses may need to add to their fleet to meet demands or individuals could require a van for their personal needs. Whatever van you get and whatever you choose to include as extra will affect the price.

Payment options include:

Hire purchase
Buying outright
Finance lease
Lease purchase

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