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Some great Ford Van Leasing deals, or just Ford to most of us, has been quite literally a driving force of the automobile industry since the first Model A was launched in 1903. The company turned its hand to commercial vehicles in 1917 with the Model TT, and Ford vans have gone from strength to strength over the years. The Ford Transit has been the van industry’s market leader for decades, and Ford continues to develop and innovate with each new vehicle the company produces.

The Ford name and famous badge are synonymous with reliability and practicality, and Ford has also begun to incorporate style into their famous, workhorse vans. With an ever-increasing range of additional features for comfort and convenience, Ford vans have now established themselves as a great choice for business users and families alike.

What Ford Van Leasing Deals  are Available?

The Ford Transit has been around since 1965 — or even 1950 in its earliest incarnation — and the name Transit is firmly associated with a quality, hard-working van. In fact, the association is so strong that some people refer to work vans as Transits whether they are or not (see: Hoover!). Ford decided to keep the famous Transit name across all their commercial vehicle van models, from barely more than a car to almost a truck, so the different vehicle versions are known as the Ford Transit Courier, the Ford Transit Connect, the Ford Transit Custom, and, of course, the Ford Transit. There’s also the Ford Ranger: a pick-up truck, so a break from the van-naming tradition. (Another break comes in the form of the Ford Tourneo Custom: Ford’s people carrier based on the the Transit Custom.)

We sell a wide variety of Ford vans here at Swiss Vans, and we’re also happy to offer a great selection of upgrade options too from individual components to complete styling packs. So if Ford style isn’t quite enough for you yet, you could always consider one of our WASP, WASP ICE, or Hornet mod kits to make your van even better! We’ll give you a brief overview of each basic Ford van model here, but you can find lots more information on each individual product page. And, as usual, our friendly sales team is always ready to answer any questions you might have!

Ford Transit Courier

The smallest van in the range, the Ford Transit Courier is as easy-to-manage as a car but with a little extra space and practicality. It has a surprisingly spacious maximum load volume of 2.3m3 and a 595kg payload; it also gets great fuel mileage and will fit down (almost) any narrow street and into (almost) any parking space. If you need a city delivery van or a car with that little bit more, the Transit Courier might be perfect for you. These could be one of the best Ford Van Leasing Deals we offer.

Ford Transit Connect

Moving into definite small-medium van territory, the Ford Transit Connect offers 3.6m3 of load volume and an impressive payload of 982kg. It’s available as a panel van or a double cab (DCiV), and new models also benefit from even better fuel economy and reduced emissions. And one of the Transit Connect’s best selling points is its advanced technology: a whole range of features to help make your daily drives easier, safer, and more comfortable.

Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom is Ford’s multi-award-winning medium van. Available as the Ford Transit Custom panel van or the Ford Transit Custom double cab and in multiple lengths and heights, the Transit Custom can be configured in a variety of ways to match your exact requirements. It offers up to 8.3m3 of load space and a maximum payload of over 1300kg, so this solid, versatile van is suited to a huge range of different jobs. It’s also great as a week-end adventure vehicle! Ford continually work to improve efficiency and economy on all of their vehicles, and with a range of powertrains from Ford’s fantastic EcoBlue diesel engines to a Plug-in Hybrid and an EcoBlue Hyrbid, there are plenty of options to make sure your Transit Custom is just what you need.

At Swiss Vans, we sell the whole Transit Custom range, so we also have the great, off-road-ready Ford Transit Custom Trail (Ford’s equivalent to the VW Transporter Swamper) and the super stylish, mega-trendy Ford Transit Custom Sport (Ford’s equivalent to the VW Sportline). We’ve even got the Ford Transit Custom MS-RT and our very own Ford Transit Custom Super Hornet too, so you really will be spoiled for choice!

Ford Tourneo Custom

If you love size of the Ford Transit Custom, but you need to carry lots of people instead of lots of stuff, consider the Ford Tourneo Custom. With comfortable seating for up to 9 (driver + 8 passengers) and the option of a longer wheelbase to increase luggage space, the Tourneo Custom is a superb choice to get you — and everyone else — where you need to go.

Ford Transit

The van that started it all! The Ford Transit is the largest van in the Ford line-up, and with decades of reliability and proven hard work under its (cam)belt, it’s a superb choice for anyone who needs a big, trustworthy van. You get a choice of three heights and four lengths, and with a maximum cargo volume of 15.1m3, the Transit Custom can probably fit what you need to carry. There’s even a 5-tonne model that allows a payload of a staggering 2457kg, and the Transit Custom is also available as a chassis cab for dropside, tipper, Luton, or even camper conversions.

Ford Ranger

The only non-van in Ford’s commercial line-up, the Ford Ranger is an excellent pick-up option for anyone who needs pulling power (up to 3.5 tonnes) and a decent payload: over 1200kg on the two-seater, Regular Cab version. The Ranger is also available in Super Cab (seats 4 in total) and Double Cab (seats 5 in total with a full-sized, spacious second row of seats), so no need to worry if you’ve got people and stuff to move; even the Double Cab has a payload of over 1000kg.

The Ranger is available in several different versions, but the Ford Ranger Wildtrack is the most popular and well-known. The Ranger is fantastic as an off-road vehicle with its rugged strength and durability, but if you also need a bit of extra style with that, we offer our famous WASP and Hornet upgrades for the Ranger too. There’s even an MS-RT version!

Ford Van Leasing

At Swiss Vans, we make it as easy as possible for you to finance your vehicle in a way that works for you. We offer a wide selection of finance solutions including finance lease, lease purchase, contract hire, and hire purchase (HP). We also offer great deals on cash sales and buying outright.
The most popular deal is the Ford Transit Custom Lease 

If you’re interested in a new Ford van, give us a call today to speak with our great team. And if you’re not interested in a new Ford van, call us anyway! We also sell VW vans, Mercedes Vans, Peugeot vans, Vauxhall vans, etc … if you need it, we’ve probably got it.

Whatever your perfect vehicle, the Swiss Vans team will get you moving as soon as possible so you can get back to work. And adventures too, of course!

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