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    Ford Vans

    Ford have been a major player in the automobile industry for over a century. They turned their head to commercial vehicles in 1917 with the Ford Model TT before becoming the market leader with vans in the UK in the 60’s. Ford vans include everything from a pickup truck to the famous Transit.

    The famous Ford name is renowned for reliability, practicality and has more recently even provided their vehicles with style. Recognising that the appeal of the van has broadened to leisure users as well as businesses, the Ford range has become more attractive and can now be kitted out with features for comfort and convenience.

    It is even possible to upgrade your vehicle when you are leasing a van with Swiss Vans. Modifications can include our very own WASP kit which can really make your van stand out.
    What Ford vans are available?
    The Transit became such a major player in the commercial vehicle world that white vans in general are sometimes referred to as Transits, even if they aren’t one of Ford’s own. Because of the significance of the Transit, Ford have used the reputable name for every size van in their fleet.

    New Ford Fiesta Van

    The new Ford Fiesta van was reintroduced in 2019 and is a perfect small van for jobs such as security work. The new Ford Fiesta Van

    New Ford Transit Courier

    Combining the practicality of a van with the size of a big car; the Transit Courier is the smallest van in the range. Perfect for those who want to have a runaround van for the city as it’s easy to park and has great fuel efficiency.
    The Courier is basically a car converted for use as a van. The load space is a surprising 2.3m3 while length can be increase with folding bulkhead and passenger seat. Check out the Ford Transit Courier 

    Ford Transit Connect

    For those who need a small van with a bit more space than the Transit Courier offers, the Transit Connect can provide that. You can choose between two different body styles which can supply you with cargo space of up to 3.7m3.

    Just as a Transit should, the Connect will serve your purpose, whatever that may be. You can seat between 2 and 7 people with Double cab and Kombi models available. Its great fuel efficiency means it is not only affordable but cheap to run, too.

    Take a look at the Ford Transit Connect.

    Ford Transit Custom

    The Ford Transit Custom is the UK’s best-selling van for the past several years and with very good reason. This medium-sized van has everything you need; load capacity, versatility, a good drive and it’s affordable. It can deliver for your business needs while being easy on the eye – especially with Swiss Vans WASP upgrade.

    You can choose between two heights and two body lengths with the panel van which can offer a load capacity of up to 8.3m3. There is the option to include extra seating by opting for the Double Cab or Kombi models

    We have the whole range of  Ford Transit Custom Double Cab at Swiss and of course the Ford Transit Custom Sport 
    Following suit with the popularity of the Custom, the most famous of the Ford vans, the Transit, is the best-selling large van in the UK. This is largely down to the many variations and combinations you can choose from – there is a Transit for everyone. The custom is one of the lowest monthly payments of a Ford Transit Custom Lease

    New Ford Transit Cargo

    Load space can reach up to 15.1m3 with the Transit Jumbo. As well as being available in three lengths and two heights, you can even get the Transit as a tipper or chassis cab.

    For a large Ford van, try the New Ford Transit.
    The most popular is the L3H2 Ford Transit

    New Ford Ranger

    As the only non-van in the Ford commercial vehicle range, the Ford Ranger Wildtrack is the only vehicle without the Transit title. The pick up can pull a weight of up to 3.5 tonnes while also being able to hold a weight of just over 1,000kg.

    An ideal for those who work amongst difficult terrain, the Ranger performs well off-road. It can also appeal to those who use a vehicle for both business and lifestyle – the Double Cab version could be ideal for those who need space for the kids at weekends, too.

    Get more details on the Ford Ranger Lease
    Leasing Ford vans
    With Swiss, we make it easy for you to get in one of our own brand new Ford vans. Whether that’s paying for the whole sum in one go or leasing with set monthly payments, your business can get the van it needs. We also sell VW Vans

    Our van finance payment methods include: Ford Van Leasing Deals

    – Finance lease
    – Contract hire
    – Buying outright
    – Hire purchase
    – Lease purchase

    Find out more about our van finance here or speak to our friendly sales team who will be happy to discuss leasing your own Ford van.