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If you’ve got cargo to transport and it’s space you need, the Citroën Luton is a great option. Available in two body sizes, it has excellent load capacity and even has additional storage space above the cab.

Engine and Transmission

The Citroën Luton is equipped with a Euro 6 BlueHDi 2.2-litre, 140hp diesel engine and a six-speed manual gearbox. It’s one of Citroën’s Ready to Run factory conversions so is usually available straight away from stock. The Luton is front-wheel drive (FWD) and based on the Citroën (or Citroen) Relay 35 chassis cab large van. It’s classed as a light utility vehicle. As it only weighs 3.5tonnes, it can be driven on a normal licence: no need for an HGV licence for this one. 

Like all vans with Euro 6 engines, the Luton is fitted with an AdBlue tank. This helps to reduce the particulate emissions from the diesel engine. The van won’t start if the tank is empty, but one tank’s worth will get you around 9000 miles of driving, and you can buy the refills and refill the tank yourself easily enough. The AdBlue tank means that you won’t be charged extra for driving in Ultra Low Emissions Zones (ULEZ), but the London Congestion Charge does still apply. 

Dimensions and Payload

With seating for the driver and two passengers, the Luton comes in two different lengths: L3 and L4. There’s a sturdy bulkhead behind the cab to protect its occupants, and this bulkhead is fitted with a kick strip at floor level on the cargo side to minimise loading damage. 


Internal length: 3480mm

Internal width: 2057mm

Internal height: 2235mm

Volume: 16m3

Standard Payload: 1147kg*


Internal length: 4150mm

Internal width: 2057mm

Internal height: 2390mm

Volume: 20m3

Standard Payload: 979kg*

Payload can be increased by around 80kg if you choose Citroen’s optional lightweight body panels and lightweight body framework.

*Citroen base their payload ratings on a set of pre-determined calculations. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that the weight of the cargo, including the driver and any passengers, is within the limits set for the model of van in question.

The Luton has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 3.5tonnes or 3500kg as I mentioned above. Whereas the payload is the weight of the cargo, the GVW is the total allowable weight of everything: cargo, driver, passengers, fuel, and the van itself. 

The Low-Floor Luton Body

The standard Luton body, lightweight upgrades aside, is made from a galvanised steel and aluminium frame and GRP panels. The load floor is rectangular in shape, and with no bumps for wheel arches, you can utilise the full extent of the space available. Over the cab is an aerodynamic pod to help ease airflow and reduce fuel consumption, and as this pod is accessible from the cargo area, it can be used as handy storage for smaller, lighter items. It’s a very useful place to store your blankets and load straps or to put lighter pieces for transport.

The cargo area has plenty of load-locking strips lower down and load-lashing rails further up the sides to help you make sure that everything stays where it ought to be. The floor of the body is made from a sheet of hard-wearing, but lightweight, birch plywood.

The rear of the vehicle is composed of a lockable roller shutter door made of a lightweight alloy, but you can also have dual “barn doors” fitted as an option if you prefer.

There’s an LED light in the interior of the body and exterior marker lights on the outside. The wheel arches are fitted with mud flaps to suppress spray and are themselves made of easy-to-clean, durable plastic.

Citroen offer a tail lift (500kg capacity), extra load-securing rings, racks, and rails, and their Grip Control traction system as optional upgrades. Grip Control can be extremely useful in muddy, snowy, or sandy conditions as it maximises traction to the front wheels. 


The Luton is clearly a work and utility vehicle, but that doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. The cab is air-conditioned, full of storage spaces, and features both a lockable glovebox and remote-control deadlocking to keep your possessions safe. 

There are multiple settings for the driver’s seat including rake, reach, height, and a lumbar adjustment. It also comes with an armrest just to help take the strain off a little. If you like to keep things tidy (or even if you just need to), you’ll enjoy the dash-mounted clipboard. It can hold a phone, tablet, or collection of paperwork, and you can also use it as a writing desk should you need to jot something down or write a novel when you stop.

Like all of Citroen’s Ready to Run conversions, the Luton has a reinforced battery, heavy-duty twin-leaf suspension at the rear, and wiring through the rear of the vehicle.


The Luton is based on the Relay, and the latter is known for its reliability and versatility. It’s unlikely that you’ll have any major issues with the Citroen Luton, but if ever you do, you’ll benefit from Citroen’s vast network of dealers and Business Centres across the country. Support should always be relatively close at hand, and with a 3-year, 100,000 mile warranty on the Luton, you know that problems will be sorted on the off chance that they arise. If you’re buying new, you’ll also get the bonus of a free 12-month subscription to Citroën Assistant. This is Citroen’s 24hr/day emergency roadside assistance programme, so if something happens, you’ll be covered.

Buying Used

It’s possible to find the Citroen Luton second hand; if you do, the same rules as ever apply. Buying a used vehicle can be a great financial decision if you’re careful! Ask your dealer lots of questions to find out all you can about the van in its former life. Did it have any work done, does it need any work … ask to see receipts, invoices, the service history, etc. Have a good look at the body for signs of damage or repair. Make sure that you feel confident with the van and like you can trust the dealer, and you’ll be on your way to a great buy.

The Citroen Luton from Van Sales

We sell the Citroen Luton here at Van Sales, so give us a call today to find out more or get the process moving. Our friendly sales team will answer your questions and walk you through everything involved, so whether you just want more information or you’re ready to place an order, we can help. We have fantastic cash deals available along with low-rate Citroen Luton finance and affordable Citroen Luton lease agreements. We also do hire purchase, so we can work with you and your situation. We’ll get you and your stuff moving as soon as we can.


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