Renault Vans

Renault Vans

Renault was established in 1899 by the Renault brothers; Marcel, Louis and Fernand. Since then, it has developed into one of the leading automotive companies in the world, selling cars and commercial vehicles. For more than 15 years, Renault vans has been the leading brand across Europe.

What Renault Vans can I get?

Any business that requires a light commercial vehicle is bound to find one with Renault that suits their needs. Led by the renowned Trafic, Renault have been proud of their range of vans which includes diverse models which have low-operating costs. Your need for a van can be quashed with Renault covering all bases with the small Kangoo, medium Trafic and large Master.

Renault Kangoo

Perfect for sole tradespeople or delivery drivers, Renault’s small van, the Kangoo is the ideal vehicle to get you and your tools to and from jobs. It is easy to drive and can make navigating busy cities simple while still having plenty of space for storage. With an impressive fuel consumption rate, the Kangoo is cheap to run, too.

There are two sizes available in the Kangoo which can see you have a load space of up to 4.6m3. Not only that, but you can get a crew version in the Maxi model which has seating for 5 people so you can get your workmates around, too. To make it environmentally friendly and cost you even less to run, Renault also offer the Kangoo with an electric engine.

Find out more about the Renault Kangoo.

Renault Trafic

You don’t win the WhatVan? Medium Van of the year back to back if you aren’t a top van – but that’s exactly what the Trafic did in 2015 and 2016. The versatile Trafic is utilised by many businesses including couriers, tradespeople and transport hire companies. This is because the variants on offer can make the Trafic an asset to your business, whatever it is intended for.

The panel van is perfect for those that need to carry cargo with the low load threshold making loading straightforward. With two different wheelbases and roof heights, the Trafic offers a load capacity of 5.2m3 to 8m3. You may need to take a team with you to sites but still have room for tools which is what you can get with the Crew van.

For those who specialise in the transportation of people, there is a passenger option available which enables you to hold 9 passengers. There are four trim levels – Business for the most basic of models up to Sport which can really make your Trafic stand out.

Take a look at the New Renault Trafic Sport Lease in more detail.

Renault Master

The largest van in the Renault fleet; the Master can cope with the demands of almost any business. Whether you work in removals, haulage or construction; the Renault Master comes in so many shapes that there is bound to be a model that suits the needs of your business. Its strength comes in load space with a capacity of up to 17m3 and payloads that can just over two tonnes!

With four wheelbases and three roof heights, the Master provides the optimum load space with the panel van model. But, you may need to carry people as well as tools, in which case there is a Crew van option which allows for 7 passengers. If carrying a vast number of passengers is what you need, the Master Passenger can hold up to 17 people.

Also adaptable, you can convert your Master to be even more specific to your own needs. Luton vans and tippers are among the conversions that can be made. Running your business with our own bespoke Master could make life a lot easier. The Renault Master Low Loader is one of the finest removal vans ever made

Learn more about the  Renault  Master Van 

Extras with Swiss HQ

You can put your own unique touch on your Renault van by including some of our features. You may just want it for business but if you want to look good on the road, you can do that with our upgrades.

These include:

Reversing camera
Alloys up to 22”
Hell 4 Leather interior

Purchase options for Renault vans

Renault Vans. There are many different ways to get yourself your own Renault van with Swiss Vans. We want to make it easy for businesses to get the vehicles they need to keep them operating smoothly.

Speak to our team today and they will be happy to talk you through the options available to you. You can receive a quote which will be calculated based on a number of things including what van you want and any extras you wish to include.

Renault Van Finance Payment options include:

Buying outright
Finance lease
Lease purchase
Hire purchase
Cheap Van Leasing
Pick Up Lease

Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help you find the right van for you.

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