Mercedes Vito & Crew

From £229.00 per month

Mercedes Vito 110 Pure Panel Van Lease – £229

£2500 down 59 x £229 + £7500 final 
Crew van add £30 

Premium upgrade £60

140 engine , Aircon , colour coded bumpers, basic alloys

Vito WASP Pack £40 (*as pictured) 

18 Alloys, front splitter rear spoilers

Sport and WASP Sport 

From £3500 down 59 x £349  month 
plus final payment 
Upgrade to WASP 
Upgrade to Hell 4 Leather by Swiss 


Mercedes Vito  Crew and Panel Van

We sell all models from the most basic to the highest spec.
For a van that can make your business life more straightforward and is stylish enough to double up as a weekend vehicle, you can’t go wrong with the Mercedes Vito. If you need to transport your colleagues or family members around, as well as having space for cargo, the Mercedes Vito Crew Van can do it all. If you want the a Vito without the rear passenger bench, the Mercedes Vito panel van may be the better option

Whether the primary use is business or leisure, your bound to get good use out of this vehicle. The Vito crew van can seat up to 6 people while still having plenty of space for tools. If on the odd occasion you need to increase load space, the rear seats can be folded up. The Vito was built nearly 30 years ago

You can now choose between three different lengths – L1, L2 and L3 – whatever suits your particular needs best. There is a load capacity of 3m3 in the L1 up to 4.1min the L3.

One of the most economical medium vans about; the Vito Sport comes with a choice of 2.1L turbo diesel engines. With a choice of either a 116 or 119 BlueTEC, you can get a combined economy of up to 47.1mpg.

mercedes vito pure

Mercedes Pure 88/109

From £239 a month or crew add £30

Black bumpers, electric windows.
Barn doors. 1600 Diesel engine. Great value and some cheap pay upfront service packages

Mercedes Benz Vito Sport lease

Mercedes Vito Premium & WASP

Our Best Selling Vito From £269 a month £30 extra for Crew Cab

140/116/119 engines. 119 is Automatic.
Colour coded bumpers, aircon.
Upgrade to a WASP pack from £40 month. Front splitter, rear spoiler,18 or 20 inch alloys.

Mercedes Vito Sport Front

Sport & Sport WASP

From £349 a month or upgrade to WASP pack above.

116/119 engines. The latter in automatic only. Pioneer Satnav, basic alloys (can be upgraded) side bars. With or without a stripe.
Optional Hell 4 Leather done by Swiss

Mercedes Vito  WASP

  • Mercedes Vito Sport WASP is a Premium Upgrade plus
  • 18 or inch Alloys
  • Front and rear splitter and colour coded bumpers
  • Twin side load doors
  • 140/160/190 engines. All the same with different factory remaps. The latter being automatic only
  • 5 seats and tailgate optional 6
  • Plenty of options like Halo and Hell for Leather, lowering suspension.

The 2020 Mercedes Vito Sport Van.  Or rather a cheaper version that looks better and has all the toys which is the WASP.
Sometimes a van can be more than just a business vehicle and can contribute to having an active lifestyle. With the Vito Sport, you have a van that is a practical asset to a business. Add our Wheel and Styling package and you have a real stand-out vehicle in the Mercedes Vito Sport WASP.

The WASP Sport Concept

The Mercedes Vito Sport jumped by about £130 a month at the end of 2019.
What we suggest is to simply buy a WASP instead

First and foremost, the Vito SPort  is a van that can cater for the needs of a variety of different people or businesses. With the crew van, you can seat up to 6 passengers while having a class-leading payload of up to 1305kg and cargo space of up to 4.1m3. There is flexibility with the Vito Sport WASP  which allows you to increase the load space by folding away the rear passenger seats.

Flawless 2.2 Diesel

With flawless 2.2 litre diesel engines that are as powerful as they are efficient, the Mercedes Vito Sport is sure to impress. You can be sure to hold on to those pennies with a combined cycle of up to 47.1mpg. There are both manual and automatic options.

So, it can more than serve a purpose for businesses but it can also double up as a vehicle you can feel proud of with the affordable sporty look of the WASP. Your family will feel more than happy to be spotted in your van, even if its primary use is for work.

Common alternatives:
VW Transporter Electric 
Ford Transit Hybrid
Competion VW Transporter Lease
VW Transporter Kombi Sportline Lease
Transit Custom Double Cab
New VW Caravelle

If the Mercedes Vito Sport WASP isn’t what you’re looking for, we do the standard Vito panel van and crew van.


Specification of the Mercedes Vito

There are three new specifications (PURE, PROGRESSIVE and PREMIUM) but we have plenty of the Vito Sport at affordable prices. Only colour coded bumpers can get a WASP Splitter

Mercedes Vito WASP VS Sport

The Vito WASP

The Swiss WASP Kit Includes: –

  • Choice Of 18” Alloy Upgrades
  • Front Splitter
  • Rear Spoiler

Upgrades & extras In Addition To The WASP Pack Can Include: –

  • Leather Interior
  • Reversing Camera
  • Lowered suspension
  • Roof Bars
  • Sat-Nav

Mercedes Sport Specification Includes As Standard: – so there is a great deal of overlap and in our opinion not worth the difference

  • 17” Alloy Wheels
  • Colour Coded Bumpers
  • Chrome Trims
  • ESP System
  • Twin Sliding Side Doors
  • Cruise Control
  • Bluetooth

For more on the Vito Sport itself, check out Mercedes.

*Please note: the WASP is NOT a Mercedes-Benz Special Edition factory approved model

Leather Upgrades

We offer a range of leather upgrades that you can choose on most vans.
We ask a larger deposit when ordering leather and of course it will need to be ordered and
fitted so take a little longer.

Leather costs from £1500 to £2999 typically 

Free leather design service from Hell 4 Leather. Once you have been accepted and a deposit taken our helpful team will guide you through leather ordering. Show you the range of colours, patterns and how to design something unique. We then send you a a mock up image of how your van leather will look.
We take payment in full where leather deals are done as bespoke customised leather doesnt have much of a second hand market should you change your mind!

  • Based on 5 seater basic  leathers from £1500
    Its less obviously for a two or three seater van.
  • Upgrade to a fine Nappa leather shown with Hex and more complicated designs 
    from £2999 for a 5 seater 
  • Choice of no less than 6 leather stitch styles 
    See our main van leather page 
  • 12 months guarantee on all leather Nationally
    This covers stiching coming apart, sagging.
    It wont cover rips or stains of course.
    Upgrade to 3 year guarantee  on some leathers for £399

    Van Leather Ordering Questions That We Might Ask

  • Obviously the colour of the leather ! There are about 30 leather colours approx.
    Its great to be different but if you order a ‘Katie Price” its going to be worth less not
    more in 3 years !
  • The material. There is standard Robust Leather, Nappa Leather, Mock Suede
    The robust is the most popular as it resists stains and scratching more. Its like your sofa at home.
    But you cant beat the feel and smell of Nappa
  • The stich pattern. Cross, Bently, Oval, list is endless. Ask your account manager for a link to build your leather.
  • If you want a logo or any branding

Van Finance

7  Ways Of Van Finance  

Most of our competitors tend to be leasing franchises that all sell the same “specials” that tend to be basic vans purchased at the same time by the hundred. Often the vans you are offered have sat around a while. They tend to prefer contract hire as it locks you into them for some time. We work via banks rather than by these franchises so we are not as tied in so can offer more of an array of van finance deals. This is why our vans are fresher and  deals better. There is no leasing franchise taking a cut. All methods are tax deductible. All methods you should really have GAP Insurance Policy in case the vehicle is written off. Many commercial insurance policies will not pay new for old.

  1. Hire purchase – VAT down or VAT deferred . HP is a great way to actually buy a van. If your VAT registered claim the whole VAT amount back within three months.  Sometimes a pre registered van is cheaper. Click Here.
  2. Contract Hire – This is more popular on cars than vans. Many customers think there is no credit check but there is. Its better for large fleets and doesn’t offer any advantage for less than fleets of 10. If you want to change over 10 vehicles in one go and they are basic then please get in touch. Click here for contract hire.
  3.  Lease purchase. Not always the best deal as some manufacturers offer discounts  that cannot be used on lease purchase. Its just like HP but with a final payment and once it’s paid you get automatic ownership. It’s better once again for VAT registered businesses especially if you want a T6.1 for example to keep at the end and convert to a motorhome. Sometimes a pre registered van is cheaper. Click here
  4. Finance Lease – By far the most popular method as it attracts the lowest payments . It’s gets the largest discounts from manufacturers same as contract hire. However you can fit accessories many of which you cant n contract hire
  5. Operational Lease – Is just like finance lease however you can hand back the vehicle at the end. Some of our Mercedes vans are like this
  6. Asset Finance – We can finance many products not just vans
  7. Credit Limit – Pre approve your van purchases 90 days in advance. Useful  for example if you have a contract tender.

GAP Insurance

If you write a vehicle off in say year one the insurance company may well pay you less than the settlement value. Thus through no fault of your own you may need to buy a older cheaper van to reach the same monthly payment. Click Here to buy a GAP Policy  

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