Land Rover

Land Rover
Lets divide the room. There are two categories. Hard Top which is commercial. Non Hard Top which isn’t

Non commercial  
You need to have a sufficiently profitable company to deal with having a company car oppose to a van. Speak to your accountant but its often better not to put a Land Rover through the company, but to run yourself and claim back what you can.

Hard Top 
We have no idea where the name Hard Top came from but it has no relation to 2022. Maybe its a romantic reference to when the LRDG roamed across North Africa in open top Land Rovers with twin Vickers and a Browning mounted in unison. Who called the Pink Panther ?
The hard top has two front seats possibly three named a jump seat. The 90 and the 110 version is a little odd in that it crates a little storage room in the middle and where the seats used to be. They are VAT friendly.

Too much Choice

Land Rover seems to prefer foreign markets to the UK . They sell very well abroad and often for higher prices. This affects the level of discount in the UK. Its a very desirable product. Often Land Rover Defender a few months old sell for more than new ones.

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