Citroen Vans

Citroen Vans

Citroen vans are known for affordability and reliability.

Citroen started manufacturing vehicles in 1919, just after the First World War. The founder, Andre Citroen was just 24 when he started the company, originally called La Societe des Engrenages Citroen. Citroen is known for its innovative design and style. They have sold commercial vehicles right from the start, the 10HP, which was launched in 1919 was available as a van.

What Citroen vans can I get?

Today, a diverse range of Citroen vans are available with an option for all business needs. Whether you are a tradesman, if you’re making multi-drop deliveries of flowers, or transporting larger loads, the range of sizes available means that they are suitable for all sorts of business needs.
Citroen Vans, Peugeot Vans and Fiat Vans are all the same company

Citroen Berlingo

The New Berlingo has had a facelift to offer more space and added security. This medium sized van has a 3.7m3 volume of cargo room and a payload of up to 851kg. With various bulkhead options, this accommodating vehicle can offer flexible solutions for carrying cargo.

Citroen Dispatch

Next up, is the new generation of the Dispatch, which has been optimised to be more comfortable and safe. It combines the latest generation of driving aid technology and engines, giving endless possibilities your business. Similar in size to a large people carrier this van from Citroen provides up to 1,400kg carrying capacity, with 2 passengers. For those wanting to carry more passengers, there is the option of a high roof version or the Platform Cab for more flexibility.

Take a look at the Citroen Dispatch.

Citroen Relay

The largest is the Relay, this is the model to choose if you demand a huge payload. With a choice of body styles including panel van, chassis cabs, chassis crew cabs, tipper, etc. There are 4 lengths and 3 heights to choose from, with payloads pushing 2 tonnes.  It’s also large on choice with the option of Luton vans, chiller/freezers, glass carriers, minivans and more.

Find more information on Citroen Relay and the Luton vans  version.

Citroen Van Finance

Swiss works directly with both the manufacturer and the finance company to give you some of the very best deals in the business.

Finance Lease is the most popular with deposits  as low as one payment in advance. The most common length of a deal is 4 years but we can do up to 6 years on both hire purchase and lease – with and without a balloon.

Purchase options:

– Contract hire
– Hire purchase
– Lease purchase
– Outright purchase
– Finance lease
– Van Leasing

Check out our van finance for more information and different methods of financing a Citroen Berlingo 
Popular Citroen Models
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– Citroen Relay Enterprise
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The main rivals to Citroen is VW Vans and Ford Van Leasing

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