With Original Illuminated Rear Panels for vans, Ford Support Roadside Employees in Remaining safe

With Original Illuminated Rear Panels for vans, Ford Support Roadside Employees in Remaining safe

Ford Vans has just made modern electronic high-visibility panels that are the first of their kind that does not trust other light sources and is easily visible in the dark.

The main electricity flowed through a thin film of phosphorus gas and was used to light the red stripes available on Transit and Transit Custom versions. This device was first used in aircraft cockpits and on-screen for medical and military devices. This can be easily activated by a lever behind the driver’s seat after attachment.

Many roadside staff workers, especially those who fix tires, plug potholes, or manage gas and water sources, operate in very high-risk areas and fixed, reflective panels rely on other vehicle’s headlights for lighting. As a result, approaching these panels from around a bend can be less useful, particularly in long and dark winter nights.

“For our several customers, roadside work is an essential and often risky aspect of their job,” said Simon Robinson, chief program engineer, Special Vehicle Engineering, Ford of Europe. “We only try to make sure that all-important work is performed as safely and consistently as possible. It was also crucial to create panels that can be lit without relying on any sources of light.”

Ford has exclusively joined Northumbrian Water Group to test the panels in real-world conditions, helping engineers to define the real advantages of panels that light up even when some drivers forget to trigger their headlights. The first commercial customers are Northumbrian Water Group, which includes Essex & Suffolk Water.

Kate Wilson, Northumbrian Water Group’s transport boss, said, “I’m excited to see an idea that initiated from our drivers working in collaboration with Ford’s product creation team becoming a reality.” “It will increase safety not just in our business, but also in potential fleets all over the globe, and I believe it will help our teams operating in unsafe roadside areas in feeling secure and will be more available to our customers.”

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