Which pickup truck should be your pickup truck?

Which pickup truck should be your pickup truck?

Which Pickup Truck? A pickup truck has long been favored among farmers and blue collar workers who need to bed space to do their everyday chores. In recent years the pickup truck has also become a favorite among independent women who enjoy more than just being a housewife. If you are considering a pickup truck you might wonder which pickup truck should be your pickup truck.
The answer to that question lies within you. All trucks have a purpose and generally are not used as the family vehicle.


Trucks are made to go on the road and some are also made to go off the road. Farmers usually do not have paved roads through the fields and they must depend on their truck to transport supplies to areas where other vehicles cannot go. Many trucks offer four-wheel drive that allows them to get into the trenches without the fear of getting stuck.


There are several auto manufacturers that offer both full, and mid-size trucks to fit any budget. Ford offers a full size truck in the F150 and a smaller version in the Ford Ranger. Both models can be either a single cab or double cab. The Ranger is a great truck for fuel consumption but still offers storage capacity in the bed.

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Chevrolet offers their Silverado with several different packages. They offer a 1500, 2500, and a 3500. They even offer a 1500 hybrid that provides the ultimate in fuel efficiency.
The Honda Ridgeline made an attempt to break into the family market with its four door design and a smaller bed. The product was well received by former Honda owners because of the durability of the Honda automobile, but it does not fare as well in the commercial industry where the pickup truck is the workhorse vehicle that it was intended to be.

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Dodge has made some great headway in the pickup truck industry with their full-size Dodge Ram. The Ram gained immediately popularity because of its stylish design. The Dodge Dakota followed with a smaller version that was affordable and still offered workability.

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When deciding which pickup truck should be your pickup truck, you should ask yourself exactly what you are looking for. If you need a truck to work on the farm you will probably want to find a full-size truck that offers two-wheel and four-wheel drive. If you just need to haul around tools and supplies you might want to consider a smaller pickup that gets better fuel mileage but still provides you the room you need get the job done.

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