VW Transporter upgrade Packs now available!

VW Transporter upgrade Packs now available!

Not happy with your VW Transporters appearance? No problem! swissvantek now has an amazing bundle pack available that will make you fall in love with your VW Transporter Kombi all over again.
The VW Transporter Kombi lease is from £299 a month

Swissvantek is known for bringing the best and most popular products out for van lovers everywhere, But these new additions to the site really step it up. There is constant enquiries about our range of  VW Grills and Badges, Now you can purchase A bundle pack through swissvantek that will  tick all the boxes. In other words a Volkswagen T6 Transporter.

You no longer have to purchase A badge or a grill as a standalone product, Now available is a pack that will satisfy even the fussiest of customers.
If you dont like modding vans maybe go for a Ford Transit Custom Lease as there is really very little you can do to it.

What do I get in the VW Transporter Body Upgrade Pack?

In the pack you will get :

  • Front VW Transporter Black Badge 
  • Rear VW Transporter LED Light up Badge
  • T5 Facelift Sportline Replica Front Grill
VW Transporter

Rear VW Transporter Badge lights up when brakes are pressed, This really adds great character to your VW Transporter and also gives you more presence on the road! Not only is it safer for yourself, It looks awesome too!

The VW Transporter Sportline Grill isn’t just any standard grill, It is in fact a replica of the T5 Facelift Sportline grill! It is easily fitted by removing the existing T5.1 grill, Just a few clips and screws hold this in place. These are VW Caravelle grills.

Note : Simply remove your old VW Transporter badge on the rear and replace with this new LED Volkswagen Badge and run a cable to the brake lights, As you brake it lights up. This bundle Radically changes the appearance of your VW Transporter and will turn heads everywhere you go!

(These VW Transporter upgrade packs are also available in White)

white grill nd badge d

Head on over to swissvantek to grab yourself a bargain today!


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