VW Transporter T6.1

VW t6.1 Caravelle Red

VW Transporter T6.1

The VW Transporter T6.1 is available to factory order from the 13th September 2019. Since prices are yet to be revealed most ordered will be simply for our own stock as speculative orders.
The delivery times are likely to be early January for most models with things like larger engines, 4Motion and DSG taking longer which is completely normal.

The VW Transporter T6.1 is an update oppose to a completely new vehicle which is in keeping with VW Traditions of not making hugely radical sweeping changes. Thus there is very little difference between a T6 and a T6.1. This will preserve future residual values on vehicles.

VW Transporter T6.1 For Sale

The biggest change to the VW Transporter T6.1 is the striking alteration of the front grille and the front bumper. Such changes are likely to render front modifications such as splitters useless.
Most of the upgrades are paid costs however and technology based items.
Most of these items have been added due to Mercedes Benz recent focus on technology in the dash.

Available to order Many At Cost
– New 10.2 Inch Colour Digital Cockpit
– New 8 and 9 inch Entertainment system / Satnav
– ESim at cost. Like any sim its likely to involve a monthly cost
– Internet radio. This is quite a cool feature that was widely promoted by Pioneer about 6 years back but its hardly spoken about now since DAB radio and Spotify

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  1. Hi Swissvans

    We are a camper converter. Could you please quote for a conversion ready T6.1 startline – Bussiness pack – tailgate – wash wipe – single front seats with spinners. Also same spec in Highline T6.1 tailgate – wash wipe – single front seats with spinners

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Matthew,

      The best and quickest way to get a quote will be to give us a call on 01656 837620.One of your guys will help you straightway.


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