VW Transporter Swamper With Lift & Grabbers

VW Transporter Swamper

VW Transporter Swamper With Lift & Grabbers

This is just a little one we delivered locally this week, from our excellent team member Cole. So you might see it around the villages close to us here in Cowbridge.

We have been selling the Swamper complete with Grabber tyres for just over a year and absolutely love the look.

Features of VW Transporter Swamper

The basic essence of the VW Transporter Swamper is to have off road tyres. How far you choose to then take it is up to you.

  • Snorkel cut into the side of the wing
  • Bilstein Lift Kits
  • Fixed roof racks & Ladders
  • Front spot lights for those dark dark lanes
  • Front matt wrap

Every T6 Swamper should ride high. Either just leave it at its factory height or go even higher with a Bilstein Lift kit.

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