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VW Transporter Sportline Lease


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Yes, we are obsessed with the VW Transporter Sportline Lease.? Or rather making it better, making it different, and making it affordable.

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” Do you actually like the New Transporter T6 Sportline?”?
That’s the first question. According to feedback at Meets, Facebook and through our own findings the answer is “no”. ?Not enough kit, not different enough, something missing…..

Sportline sales have plummeted.? Mainly because there are better products out there for less money.? The front splitter was a little disappointing to many.

So, ask yourself the question “do I really want a T6 Sportline?”

If you do,? great!?That makes it simple.? The van is already modified: Leather, sidebars, Satnav, three colours to choose from, but quite a long wait to get one delivered.? A VW Transporter Sportline Panel Lease will start from around ?350 (+vat) a month with ?4000 (+vat) deposit. ?Give us a call. ?The cost will increase for a Kombi.

“Are there any affordable alternatives to the VW T6 Sportline”

We don’t wish to confuse you but there are quite a few other options.

Ideally, give the guys a call and they will hold your hand and help you find something you will prefer. We can help you make something that looks utterly unique for a modest cost, and normally deliver it within 14 days.

In Price Order based on ?2500 deposit and over 4 years a T32 Highline Kombi 150 as a starter model?
VW Transporter Sport- ?with a Front-end mod – from ?299
VW Transporter WASP Lease from ?321
VW Transporter ABT Front end Lease from ?331

Or, using the T32 Highline 204 Diesel DSG or 204 Petrol? as a base – Also Shuttle, Caravelle, 4×4?etc to order
– VW Transporter WASP 204– Starts from about ?350 and the same choice of extras as above.
– VW Transporter Hornet- ?a bit of a beast, custom orders only.? This is an extreme van with performance upgrades.? Call us for details.

Really, we can get you into something extreme from about ?350 – ?550 a month.

How Can I get the VW Transporter Sportline Style ?I really want?
Well, that’s easy. ?Decide on a deposit. Decide on a monthly payment. Look under the bed if it’s a cash buy. There are 3 0r 4 ways to fund but generally, lease or lease purchase is the cheapest – it gets a bit more discount.
Choose a power output and choose a front splitter.? The rest is easy.

If you choose to go with a standard VW Transporter Sportline, great. If you choose something more exotic, even better. Either way, you are getting a great van.

Give us a call, or place details next to this. Do both if you want, we will be in touch.

(All prices quotes are subject to VAT.)


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