Volkswagen Transporter Sportline Kombi now in!

Volkswagen Transporter Sportline Kombi now in!

Volkswagen Transporter Sportline Kombi.

Volkswagen Transporter Sportline Kombi now in!

What do we love more than the VW Transporter Sportline Kombi… Stock of the Sportline!

Thats right! we currently have stock of the beloved VW Transporter Sportline so act fast and get in contact today!

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Get yourself a brand new Volkswagen Transporter Sportline Kombi with Swiss Vans, our knowledgeable and helpful team can deal with all your enquiries fast and efficiently.

The Transporter Sportline is the most popular vehicle demanded by customers and its easy to see why. With great features such as Side bars, Alloys wheels and a 180PS engine that packs a punch, theres no doubt why a customer would be attracted to this vehicle.

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With its high demand and limited stock available, the Transporter Sportline always sells well when its available. The striking looks and reliability are just some of the reasons our customers fall for the Sportline. What would be you’re reason?

Volkswagen Transporter Sportline Kombi

As well as the amazing features you get with Transporter Sportline, you can take you’re vehicle that step further and turn it into a gaming machine!

We have 4G up and running in our Transporter Sportline and we haven’t been able to leave the Xbox 360 alone since!

Get some friends and start gaming online, anywhere, anytime!


Another great feature we haven’t been able to leave alone is Spotify. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy you’re favourite music and artists anywhere you please! (internet connection required or Bluetooth)

You can manage and browse you’re content all wirelessly through you’re mobile device….and it don’t stop there.

You can connect to existing users/friends and download their playlists directly to you’re own mobile device!


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