NEW! VW Transporter Customised Wheel Wraps and Mirrors

NEW! VW Transporter Customised Wheel Wraps and Mirrors

NEW! VW Transporter Customised Wheel Wraps and Mirrors

Lets be honest, nobody dreams about buying a white van when they win the lottery.  The VW Transporter Sportline is maybe the exception which has made owning a van ‘cool’, but traditionally vans have been utilitarian service vehicles that do the job, allbeit some more comfortably than others.

Want to stand out from the crowd?

There are recogniseable vans which have broken the mould.  Nobody would call  ‘Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine’ uncool.  VW Caddy WASP Even the Reliant Robin Regal van owned by Del Boy has its own fan club.

NEW! VW Transporter Customised Wheel Wraps and Mirrors

The difference between the memorable and the mundane is only customisation – thats where Swiss Vans can help!  Customisation not only gives your van street cred, it can add to your brand and help your business.

No More ‘White Van Man’ – Wheel Wraps to liven up your Van!

We already have a series of spoilers, caravelle grills and badges to liven up a boring white canvas.  VW Amarok Lease Now, in a new development taking the van world by storm, you can now add customised mirror and/or wheel wraps.  With wheel wraps at £199 for a set of 4, and mirror wraps from just £60completely transform your VW Transporter or VW Transporter Kombi cheaply and quickly from just £60+VAT, simply by adding With a choice of over 70 designs, and endless combinations, you can easily express yourself. VW Caddy WASP

Batvan?  Urban Safari?  Zombie?  Yes to all the above!

Your creativity is the only limit, we can turn your transporter into the ‘Batvan’ (yes, we really DO have Batman wheel and mirror wraps!).  There’s also zebra prints, flowers…. or even our new ‘Zombie’ kit.

They can be fitted to your existing Volkswagen Transporter or Volkswagen Transporter Kombi van via Swissvantek. VW Caddy maxi Kombi 

They can also be ordered with your new van (just pick your design from those shown below, speak to the sales team and we will do the rest).

Here is the design chart:

wheel wraps
wheel wraps

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