VW Transporter Bluemotion – Competitive pricing and great fuel economy!

VW Transporter Bluemotion – Competitive pricing and great fuel economy!

The VW Transporter Bluemotion van is the most economical van in its class, saving you fuel every time you fill up. Transit Custom Sport Lease

It’s available with two 2.0 litre TDI engines, boasting high power outputs of 84 PS and 114 PS. Both comfortably capable of over 40 Miles per Gallon.
Much more than petrol vans for sale

The Volkswagen Transporter uses stop start technology, which makes it an ideal vehicle for those spending a long time on the motorway as it is designed for traffic jams.

It makes life generally easier and has technology designed to save you significant amounts of fuel.

VW Transporter Bluemotion

The Volkswagen Transporter van comes with five forward gears and is pretty fast. The engine has 250Nm of torque which is capable of taking the vehicle from 0 to 62mph in 14.2 seconds. CO2 levels are as low as 179g/km.
Transit Custom Sport

Having Bluemotion in the title assures drivers that it has an advanced and economical friendly engine.

The idea is to improve fuel use and reduce emissions.

The Bluemotion model adds an automatic tyre pressure monitoring system, ensuring tyre pressures are kept at the optimum level.

It also adds extra engineering efficiencies to optimise environmental performance, such as brake energy regeneration.

The VW Transporter Bluemotion van covers a range of models including the Trendline and Highline trim levels.



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