VW Television adverts

VW Television adverts

Volkswagen’s marketing team has done it again with its most recent ITV indents, winning fans all over the world with their funny and witty twists of classic movie scenes with an electric vehicle twist. Running until December 2023, the partnership between Volkswagen and Adam & Eve DDB launched last weekend. The indents will follow in the footsteps of other successful campaigns with ITV Movies, all filled with the wit and unfolding drama that the previous ‘Movie Star Confidence.’

Across the four, the ID.4 GTX, ID.5 GTX, Gold eHybrid and Arteon Shooting Brake eHybrid are all in the spotlight, showing Volkswagen’s desire for their electric line to take the forefront.

The scenes remade for the inserts feature famous moments that viewers are sure to recognise. One features detectives trying to obtain a secret recording as evidence to implicate a notorious crime boss but are stopped when their power dies, shutting down the equipment. Another plot is stopped with the electric source being cut off – a scientist’s monster is not able to brought back to life when the volt of electricity is stopped.

This running theme is where Volkswagen sweeps into the inserts, the equipment failing because the vehicle’s owners plug in their electrified vehicles, unaware of the disruption they’ve caused.

“The campaign follows the president of many other Volkswagen movie sponsorship campaigns but unlike the others, this set chooses to focus on their electric and eHybrid range of vehicles.” The Creative Director at Adam&EveDDB, Ant Nelson, said. “Of course, the movie moments all feature the humour that’s come to be expected from these campaigns.”

The Head of Marketing at Volkswagen UK, Sarah Cox, added, “We have a great relationship with film. It’s always rewarding to extend our partnership with ITV and showcase a selection of fantastic vehicles. We hope that we can communicate the universal appeal of our electric range with our partnership with Adam & Eve DDB who as always, has helped us create this entertaining campaign.”

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