VW T6.1 Xmas Kombi Launch Offer

VW T6.1 Xmas Kombi Launch Offer

The first VW T6.1 are due to land any day for customer sales so we thought why not bring out an Xmas Offer.
What better gift to give yourself than
Low launch payments, much lower than we expected plus
free service offer if delivery is taken beforeXmqas Eve December 2019.
Delivery before Xmas eve is guaranteed on the launch stock or we pay for your 2 year 20K service pack !
Vans must be ordered before 15th December to give us a little time to process your order and book delivery.

110 Kombi T6.1

£3000 down 47 x £249

Two years Free Service

Delivery must be before Xmas Eve 2019 for this offer

Kombi 150/199PS

Upgrade to a higher spec van from £50 a month

Xmas Eve Guarantee

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