VW Scout Electric

VW Scout Electric

VW Scout Electric

This year, the Volkswagen group turns its signature U.S brand Scout electric, still aiming to keep their manufacturing, engineering and design based within the country through a newly established company. Set to start production in 2026, the first prototypes are thought to be unveiled next year. Its new Scout brand, specialising in bringing new technical ideas far beyond the existing product range, will establish new pickup and RUV credibility within the electric vehicle space.

On the topic, the CEO of Volkswagen AG, Herbert Diess said, “We’re taking the chance to capitalise on this significant growth in the EV market, after a positive comeback in the U.S market. It’s a historic opportunity to step into this electric market as a group, underlining our dedication to become a part of the pick-up and R-SUV segment of the market.”

In order to leverage profitability in the US and achieve a market share of ten per cent, the Volkswagen Group is continuing to place their bets on the success of the R-SUV and pick-up segments as well as growing and expanding their brand presence globally.

“This year, we’re establishing a separate unit and brand within the Volkswagen Group, set to be managed independently to keep in line with our new Group model that will allow us to combine all of our tech platforms for maximum efficiency,” said Arno Antlitz, CFO Volkswagen AG.

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