VW Multivan T7 dimensions (Guideline for Renters)

VW Multivan T7 dimensions (Guideline for Renters)

VW Multivan T7 dimensions (Guideline for Renters)

Even though it followed the T6 model, this new generation van wasn’t named T7 on official documents. One distinguishing feature is that the VW Multivan T7 dimensions differ from the old model. The 2021 Multivan was also based on the MQB platform, which is used by most Volkswagen-built cars, unlike its predecessors, which were constructed on specific platforms for utility vehicles.

The car had to be relaxing and attractive while maintaining a van-like appearance because it was designed as Caravelle’s replacement. The wide front bumper is covered in a large crest with a rhomboidal pattern, and the narrow, high-mounted headlamps at the front resemble those on the Golf.

The Multivan uses the MQB chassis, which most of Volkswagen’s passenger cars use, including Passat and Golf; thus, it gains access to several technologies and engine varieties. The Multivan features cutting-edge technology, a plug-in hybrid alternative, and a sleek, contemporary style. It can handle anything you throw at it and offers an outstanding balance of functionality, luxury, and protection. There is so much to talk about the VW Multivan beyond the VW Multivan dimensions.

VW Multivan T7 Dimensions

All the new VW Multivan T7 dimensions have increased slightly. A short variant and an extended version of the body are both available. Since the variations: van dimensions have a 123-inch (3,124-mm) wheelbase, there is no longer a need to distinguish between two wheelbase variations; now, the models’ lengths are the only distinction. The long one measures 203.6 inches (5,173 mm), compared to the short one’s 195.7 inches (4,973 mm) in length.

The shortened version has a friendlier vibe. The tiny Multivan reminds people of a “kei car,” like a toy, in the contemporary environment populated by extra-large pickup trucks and SUVs, while the long Multivan does not. Alternatively, the MQB platform’s adoption resulted in a redesigned interior layout, which impacted the final design and the VW T7 Multivan exterior dimensions.

VW Multivan Engine Build up

VW Multivan Engine Build up

You can see how high up on Volkswagen’s priority list TDI is because a 2.0-liter diesel engine was added in the summer of 2022. In addition, you can choose between a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with 201bhp or a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with 134bhp. The show’s star is the plug-in hybrid, which combines a 13kWh battery with a 1.4-liter gasoline engine and an e-motor. As a result, they can generate 215bhp when they are in operation and up to 31 miles of electric range when the louder part is not in operation.

There is no longer a choice between a manual or a DSG twin-clutch automatic transmission; the e-hybrid has six gears, while the other models have seven.

VW T7 Multivan Interior

The VW T7 Multivan interior dimensions represent the same enormous improvement in size and design as its VW T7 Multivan exterior dimensions. Like the VW Golf, the dashboard has the same technology, including a 10″ touchscreen that is standard and supports smartphone mirroring, navigation, and climate control with touch-sensitive controls. The driver can choose the information displayed on the Style trim’s changeable displays, and a digital driver instrument cluster is also a standard feature.

Numerous clever features can be found inside, including six USB-C ports, large door bins, hidden cupholders, storage areas on the dashboard and below the seats, and storage compartments for all passengers’ electronics.

There is a ton of storage up front. There isn’t a shelf by the roof where you can stow reams of paper, but each door has two pockets. There is also a sliding console with additional storage that can be moved between the seats or used as an armrest, albeit each front seat already has two.

A 30-color ambient lighting system and an optional, spectacular sunroof complement the cabin’s modern appearance. The laminated safety glass reduces heat emission by 44% when compared to other glass varieties, and the glass ceiling gives the impression of space.

Interior Seats

Interior Seats

The back seats in the Volkswagen Multivan fold flat and are simply removable, making rearranging the interior simple. There is room for up to seven adults, and the back seats are now 25% lighter, making them simpler to maneuver and take out of the car if necessary. Each seat can be adjusted, folded up (revealing a useful surface on the back seat with cupholders), or removed using the rails on the floor, even if the seat heating option is selected. The VW seats and the arrangement doesn’t disappoint as everything is ergonomically positioned.

VW Multivan Interior Connectivity

The Multivan’s infotainment system is based on MIB 3.2, just like Golf’s. The Bulli’s system is operated by its digital instrument cluster and a 10-inch touchscreen. “Ready 2 Discover” is the primary infotainment system, regardless of which equipment option is selected. It is always online because it comes with a free inbuilt eSim card. There is no navigation system here (although one may be ordered later in the car), but the head unit’s App-Connect feature allows access to Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Anyone who values having their vehicle and phone connected can pay for the “We Connect Plus” service to unlock several vehicle features. This covers phone-based locking and unlocking of the Multivan and interior pre-conditioning before the trip.

Music lovers can rely on the optional Harman Kardon sound system, equipped with 14 speakers and 840 watts of power, to connect their phones to the car via USB-C connectors. Networking also has a security component. Like the Golf 8, the Multivan has a Car2X connection and can connect with other vehicles or the local traffic infrastructure.

VW Multivan T7 Exteriors

Contrary to popular belief, the Volkswagen Multivan is significantly more stylish than an MPV could be. It is made to pay reverence to the genetic makeup of its forebears, starting with the Transporter from 1985. It has a well-balanced appearance and borrows numerous aesthetic cues from VW Golf and ID.Buzz.

VW Multivan T7 Exteriors

An LED light strip that runs across the front and the modern LED headlamps up front provides a distinctive character. In contrast, the body-color grille has a contemporary appearance. A chrome bar that runs the length of the van’s sidewalls is incorporated into the light designs.

The chrome bar also describes the classic two-tone paint treatments offered, if specified. Decide from Mono Silver, Energetic Orange, Deep Black Pearl, and Fortana Red. Additional solid and metallic paint treatments are available, like the Mono Silver on our test car.

You may customize the appearance of your new Multivan by choosing from various elegant alloy wheel styles ranging in size from 17″ up to 19″ diamond cut wheels, an option for the top-of-the-line model. The back of the vehicle has a sizable spoiler to improve efficiency, LED lighting, chrome accents, and a button to unlock the electronic tailgate.

VW Multivan T7 – Driving Assistance

Travel Assist maintains you in your lane and a safe place from other drivers while you are driving. PreCrash, on the other hand, detects risky driving conditions and takes action to help safeguard the occupants of the car by tightening seat belts, winding up windows, and applying brakes. Trailer Assist automatically maneuvers the van and trailer in reverse and parallel parking.

With the help of front-mounted radar, an adaptive cruise switch measures the speed and distance of the cars in front of it and adjusts the predetermined distance. It also can sense collisions and apply the brakes automatically. The driver can be warned of potentially dangerous circumstances with Front Assist with Pedestrian Monitoring, which can identify pedestrians, bikes, and automobiles.

If the operator fails to react quickly enough, the autonomic emergency braking system gets activated, or the vehicle may even execute an evasive movement. Even if the driver is incapable, the Multivan can recognize it and safely slow down or stop the car. These driving assistance features provide more safety for drivers and passengers during unforeseen circumstances.

Is the VW Multivan T7 worth the investment?

Is the VW Multivan T7 worth the investment?

Although not much is said about the VW Multivan T7 dimensions, it doesn’t take away the beauty of this van. The Volkswagen Multivan is a significant improvement over the Caravelle it replaces. It provides versatility and practicality with fewer compromises, superior driving dynamics, cutting-edge technology, and a superb range of engines.

It stands out from other MPVs because of its premium badge, flexible seating, luxurious interior, and hybrid drivetrain. If we had to pick a Multivan, we’d go with the eHybrid version with Style trim and the extended wheelbase. A genuine all-arounder, the Multivan can be the ideal choice for your family.


The Volkswagen Multivan is a proper minibus and a new catch-all substitute for the outdated Sharan and present-day Touran MPVs. Looking through the VW Multivan T7 dimensions, it is evident that it differs from its predecessor. Moreover, there’s no denying that putting it on a conventional automobile basis significantly increased comfort and the technologies accessible. Despite the regular infotainment issues, the hybrid system performs passably well in most driving circumstances. It also rides, drives, behaves better than a van, and has a more upscale interior.

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