VW Caddy Sportline for sale – Swiss Vans

VW Caddy Sportline for sale – Swiss Vans

The VW Caddy Sportline has it all, Nippy and reliable engine, strong resale value and beautiful looks. Loaded with a 2.0 140PS engine, the Caddy Sportline can hit 60MPH in just 10 seconds! Very impressive for a van.

caddy sportline

This Volkswagen Caddy Sportline van also has a respectable MPG with 49MPG (Claimed). up to 500 miles on a single top up thanks to its 60 Litre fuel tank.

DSC_0568 copy

The stereo glows a cool blue and has four speakers more than happy to belt out the latest chart toppers.


There isn’t much to go wrong with the Caddy Sportline, the engine is one of the most widely produced in Europe.


The Caddy Sportline comes loaded with loads of great features:

  • Alloy Wheels
  • Sportline seats
  • Side bars
  • Cd/Radio
  • Colour coded bumpers
  • 2.0Tdi Sportline Engine. 140PS
  • Chrome grill
  • Side loading door
  • Rear barn doors

The Caddy Sportline is the GTI of vans! The van is designed to cater our inner boy-racer cravings with its bodykit and impressive 140hp 2.0 turbo diesel engine.


Its vital statistics are: 1.7m long by 1.5m wide and 1.2m high giving a total volume of 3.2m3 and the ability to carry a payload of 751kg – about the same weight as a malnourished rugby team.

DSC_0562 copy

Overall the vehicle is one to look out for! ideal for tradesman as well as the average Joe who requires a decent amount of cargo space but doesn’t want the expense of a bigger van.

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  1. Wow, the VW Caddy Sportline looks like a real stunner! 😍 I’m loving the sleek design and sporty vibe it exudes. Swiss Vans seems to have an impressive collection of vans, and this one is no exception. I can already picture myself hitting the road in style with this beauty! 🚐💨 How’s the driving experience? Any Caddy Sportline owners here who can share their thoughts? 🤔 #VWCaddy #Sportline #SwissVans #VanLife

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