VW Amarok Dimensions (Guidelines for Renter)

VW Amarok Dimensions (Guidelines for Renter)

VW Amarok Dimensions (Guidelines for Renter)

In contrast to other pickup trucks, the new Volkswagen Amarok only comes in one variant—a double cab—in the UK. However, single cabs are also available in developing regions. It is the only pickup that can fit the Euro pallet across the arches of the wheel. But what else goes into the VW Amarok dimensions?

In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about the VW Amarok 2023 dimensions, its cargo area specifics, and even off-road restrictions, but first, let’s take an overview of the all-new Volkswagen 2023 version.

VW Amarok Overview

Volkswagen claims that it was specifically created with the markets of Australia, Africa, Asia, and Europe in mind, as well as the Middle East and New Zealand. It was produced in South Africa with a large amount of engineering and development assistance from Australia. It took over 3 years to develop the new VW Amarok at a specialized Melbourne design studio in Australia, which took 4 years to complete.

The all-new Volkswagen Amarok (2023 version) is larger in both width and length since it is built on the platform of the upcoming Ford Ranger T6.2. Compared to the previous model, the wheelbase was increased, and the general appearance has been much strengthened.

The interior room is increased, especially in the back seat, thanks to the cabine and a 10 cm longer wheelbase than the previous version. The front and back overhangs have been decreased, allowing for higher off-road clearance despite the longer proportions. The all-new 2023 Volkswagen Amarok still has a 3500kg towing capability and a 1200kg payload increase.

VW Amarok Dimensions

Overall dimension

The 2023 Volkswagen Amarok has a 5,254mm overall length, 3,097mm of which is its wheelbase. The Amarok is wider from one door mirror across the other door mirror than its body width, which is lesser at 1,954mm. 1,834mm is the total height. The turning radius is about 12.95meters, which you will learn if you find yourself in a small location.

Load area dimensions

Load area dimensions

Most VW Amarok dimensions are a little complicated in the load area. Its 1,555mm length isn’t exactly the longest load bed, but at 1,620mm wide and 1,222mm tall, it is by far the biggest. These are the most updated VW Amarok bed dimensions. It has a total load space that measures 2.52 square meters as a result, and the side walls can reach a height of 508mm.

Off-road dimensions

The Volkswagen Amarok has the lowest ground clearance compared to other pickup trucks at just 192mm, which improves the on-road performance but increases the likelihood that you may reach a lower point when traveling off-road. Like how the departure is only rated at 29.5, 15.6, and 18.0 degrees respectively, you are more likely to smash the bumpers yourself. Its wading depth measures 500mm, which is also quite shallow and increases the likelihood that it may take in water. It’s suggested that you increase your truck’s suspension and perhaps install a snorkel if you plan to routinely drive your Amarok off-road.

Dashboard dimensions

Much hasn’t changed on the dashboard dimensions between the 2016 to the 2023 models. The breadth of the 2016 Volkswagen Amarok is measured at 1954 millimeters when the exterior mirrors are folded, and at 2228 millimeters when they are not. Diesel is used for propulsion. We categorize the Volkswagen Amarok as a pick-up vehicle due to its efficiency, ground clearance of about 19cm, length of 5254mm, and rear load space.

Dual cab dimensions at a glance

2023 Volkswagen Amarok Height x Width x Length (mm)
Core TDI405 4Motion 1886 x 1910 x 5350
Style TDI500 4Motion 1886 x 1910 x 5350
Life TDI500 4Motion 1886 x 1910 x 5350
Aventura TDI600 4Motion 1886 x 1910 x 5350
Style TDI600 4Motion 1886 x 1910 x 5350
Panamericana TDI600 4Motion 1886 x 1910 x 5350
Core TDI405 4Motion 1886 x 1910 x 5350
Aventura TSI452 4Motion 1886 x 1910 x 5350

Capacity & Size

Capacity & Size

Besides the changes to the VW Amarok dimensions, the capacity, and size are also modified. The VW Amarok comes with five-seat double-cab configuration in all UK markets. The back of the vehicle has a sizable loading area. Additionally, a variety of load-bay covers are offered, with powered and manual options. These are things you may purchase as an official gadget, not something added on by a 3rd party, unlike many pickups. This implies that they may be managed through the key or from within the cabine. Moreover, unlike other retrofitted coverings in the past, they will truly fit properly. This three-liter iron-block V6 engine will be modified to provide 184kW outside of European countries, along with 600Nm, and will replace Volkswagen’s V6 diesel in the truck.

Volkswagen Amarok Payloads

The Amarok, according to Volkswagen, would have a payload capacity of up to 1160 kg, which is an increase on the outgoing model. We’ll have to wait for additional clarification on this issue for the Australian automobile market as exact payload standards will vary depending on different needs and specifications. In addition to space for a Euro pallet in the back, Volkswagen has specified tie-down points in the VW Amarok cargo bed rated for 500kg. The Amarok’s roof will be rated for an 85kg dynamic load and a 350kg static roof load. This means that when the Amarok is immobile, it can hold a rooftop tent on the roof. A 4 people roof tent is offered as an accessory for the first time.

Volkswagen Amarok Interior

The Ford Ranger, on which the Amarok is based, has a lot of recognizable features. But Volkswagen has updated the interior, giving it a distinctively VW feel. Large portrait touchscreens (10.0 or 12.0 inches), a digital equipment cluster, and soft-touch fabrics with stitching are also included. It has a lot of storage possibilities and is functional, and higher versions tend to have a more upscale appearance and feel.

Volkswagen Amarok Engine

Volkswagen Amarok Engine

The Amarok Core will only be available with a single-turbo diesel engine producing 125kW/405Nm of power and torque, mated to either a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. The only grade featuring a manual and a selectable 4-wheel drive system is this one. VW’s 4-Motion permanent 4-wheel-drive system is used by all other Amarok models. The twin-turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine powering the Life produces 154kW/500Nm and is mated to a 10-speed automated transmission. Its style grades come in twin-turbo and hefty 184kW/600Nm turbodiesel V6 options that are likewise paired with the 10-speed transmission. The V6 is the only engine offered in PanAmericanas, whereas the V6 or the 2.3-liter turbocharged petrol engine with 222kW and 452Nm is available in the Aventura. These sport a 10-speed transmission and 4-wheel drive as well.

VW Amarok tray dimensions

The VW Amarok dimensions at the level of the cargo area are as follows: the tray is

1544mm long, 1224mm wide, and 529mm deep. The height of the tailgate opening is 880mm. There are 6 cargo lashing rings assessed at 400kg each. Also, the tailgate has an incorporated lift-assist closing (but does not open like Ranger), and you can still fit a Euro pallet between the wheel arches. The braked towing capacity remains at 3500kg. The tub volume increases slightly. There is more ground clearance, and the front and rear overhangs are shorter.

Volkswagen Amarok Accessories

Volkswagen has described a few of the extras that will be offered with the new Amarok, including the snorkel, roof-top tent, and corresponding roof racks. Although none of these have been approved to hit the Australian market, they provide an idea of what might be offered. Along with standard off-road features like underbody protection and a bullbar, “all-terrain running gear” will be available, which can boost the available ground clearance by 20mm. This can include modifying the suspension or changing the current configuration. The all-new 2023 Volkswagen Amarok also comes with wheels measuring up to 21 inches in diameter, but four-wheel drivers will be even more thrilled knowing that Volkswagen will also offer 18-inch wheels covered in all-terrain tires. This will be a first for Volkswagen and is comparable to other 4-wheel drive ute manufacturers’ offerings.

New vs Old Volkswagen Amarok?

Volkswagen Amarok Engine

Since this is a completely new vehicle, comparing it to the old Amarok is meaningless. Greater entry and departure angles, a much higher wading depth, and increased ground clearance have all contributed to the vehicle’s better off-roading abilities. This is because, like the Ranger, this is a global product. The VW logo has much greater influence outside of the UK than it does here, so the VW Amarok will be considered a high-end pick-up in many places.

Wrapping Up

Unquestionably, the 2023 VW Amarok dimensions have improved on the current model in several significant ways. While the VW Amarok load bed dimensions are encouraging, it is also a well-equipped, practical, large, comfortable truck with a stylish cabine. There are some restrictions, though, as some renditions are superb, and others seriously miss the mark. Even though there isn’t a poor man’s version that has wipeclean/useable surfaces across the cabine, choosing the Life trim in this situation would be strange. So, choose wisely bearing our tips in mind.

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