Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle

Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle

Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle – A Van Brimming with Features

If you are looking for something different in passenger transport facilities, the Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle should just fit your bill. This is a vehicle that creates a new dimension in passenger transport for both individuals and groups or organizations like taxi companies, airlines and hotels looking for a vehicle to transport up to 9 passengers in comfort and style.

The specialty of this van is that it offers all the features available in the entire Transporter range which includes a 12 year anti-perforation warranty and a choice between four powerful and economical TDI Pumper Duese (PD) diesel engines with power ranging from 84PS to 174PS.

Standard features

Some standard items you find in all Transporter vehicles, including the Transporter Shuttle are the driver and passenger airbags and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). The Transporter Shuttle is available in two models; T30 ‘S’ or ‘SE’ where the difference is between a short or long wheelbase.

The cab seating arrangements in the van is rather comfortable and comprises of single driver and passenger seats which comes with the option of a dual passenger seat. Behind the cab, there are seating arrangements for six passengers spread across two rows of seats that have 3-point seat belts each.

Extra luggage space

The Transporter boasts of a choice of comfortable and hard-wearing seat upholstery that easily faces and keeps up with the challenges of a busy modern driver and passengers. While it is a fact that the seating option of the Transporter Shuttle comes with a total of eight or nine seats, the specialty of this vehicle is that it offers rather flexible seating options.

If you have to carry extra luggage and thus need additional luggage space, you just have to remove seats and voila, you have extra luggage space. In case you want even more luggage space, just opt to buy or lease the long wheelbase Transporter model.

Easy access for all passengers

In a bid to offer easy access for all passengers, the Transporter Shuttle comes with electrically operated side sliding doors. Besides, the Transporter Shuttle comes with a whole range of features to help ensure the comfort of both the driver and passengers.

Examples are a set of twin side sliding doors as a standard feature, Climatronic air-conditioning for optimum comfort at comfortable temperatures while travelling and an optional multi-function steering wheel if required.

With these many features, the Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle is indeed one of the many popular vans in high demand in the market today.

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