Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Planning on Releasing New Electric Vehicles by 2024

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Planning on Releasing New Electric Vehicles by 2024

After a long meeting, on 13th November 2020, the Volkswagen Vans Group has announced that they will be making a new addition to their Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles range. They are planning on introducing an all-Electric vehicle range of 3 new and exclusive vehicles by 2024. This will include an electric D-SUV model for all brands operated by the VW Group. 

The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Board of Management Chairman, Dr. Carsten Intra, stated that the production will start in the VWCV headquarter, Hannover in Lower Saxony, Germany. With the financial backing of approximately 680 million euros, Hannover will be upgraded to a multi-brand facility. 

Models designed and manufactured under this project will be completely electric and automated. This decision, taken by the Volkswagen Group, is said to be a huge achievement for the brand. However, implementing this decision will require a lot of hard work & efforts from the production teams of the company. 

Plans for the Production Unit

The manufacturing of the electric automobiles by VWCV, as said above, will be done at their Hannover site. For this, the facility will undergo a huge upgrade with the addition of a new production line. They have started taking small steps towards accomplishing their target by 2024, leading the industry towards an Electric Age. 

By successfully completing this project, not only will they be taking a huge leap for the automobile industry but will also take their brand a step closer to sustainability. Chairman Dr. Carsten also added that their preference for choosing Hannover over other units is because of the easy availability of resources and fully-equipped facility. 

They also thanked all members of the VW family, who have been striving to help the brand achieve this milestone. The Council Chair of VWCV Works, Bertina Murkovic, further added it was a tough decision for the Group, keeping the increasing competition in mind. Although, the production quality, resource availability, and other factors will be secured for the upcoming years. 

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