Volkswagen Celebrates its 30 Years of T4

Volkswagen Celebrates its 30 Years of T4

The introduction of Volkswagen in 1990 marked the beginning of a new era with the launch of its front-engine van, T4. After launching its 6.7 million models of T1, T2, and T3 commercial vehicles in September 1990, Volkswagen launched its new model, T4. For its very new T4 model, there were changes in terms of suspension, design, engines, and available space. The new change in its suspension and engine brought the performance of the van even closer to that of a private vehicle. Moreover, the model also has enhanced its specifications in terms of collision resistance. Currently VW produces T6.1 model.

More Versatility with Improved Space

It was quite exciting to know that now there will be two different wheelbases in Volkswagen. The newly constructed body will provide a low profile pick-up. Not just that, the T4 model was launched with that time’s latest industry-specific cabin concept. Alongside, the Multivan smartly exploited additional space by including a folding table, bed, and separate seats in the second row. The concept of front-engine was also equipped in the iconic California motor-home.

Modifications in Engine in 1993

The new VW Bulli Bus came in 1993, which was equipped with two aspirated diesel along with three petrol engines, 4 and 5 units of a cylinder with useful output varying from 60 hp to 110 hp. The Caravelle GL and 5 cylinder T4 models were incorporated with power steering. Besides, the 5 cylinders were also attached with additional automatic transmission.

Commercial Volkswagen was Set Independent and T4 was Updated

All the commercial Volkswagen vehicles in 1995 had become an independent brand of Volkswagen AG. In 1996, T4 received a complete update. The version of the motorhome was recognized by white lights instead of yellow. At the same time, the front ends in the Caravelle, Multivan, and California were made longer. For the T4 model, changes were made for energy-absorbing bumpers, wedge-shaped headlights, disc brakes with a new wheel lineup.

Moreover, T4 was also supported by a 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine which tends to supply power of up to 75 kW. This engine in T4 is known as the first turbo diesel engine with direct injection (TDI). The extended front end of the Caravelle, Multivan, and California equips the use of the latest 2.8-liter 6-cylinder petrol engine, supplying the power of up to 103 kW.

T3 to be the Last Exclusive Edition

In the case of T3, the Multivan was the last edition and its exclusive modifications in feature stopped right after the launch of T4 in 2003. The only exclusive update in this model was leather Alcantara seats. Meanwhile, it led to a new way for T5. After the launch of this product line, all the first models of T4 were regarded as classic vehicles with the H number plate. Currently, the models of California are in high demand regardless of its age. Now, it seems like T4 is preparing just like its other three prior models.

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