Volkswagen Amarok available at Swiss Vans!

Volkswagen Amarok available at Swiss Vans!

Volkswagen Amarok available at Swiss vans!

Volkswagen Amarok available

Swiss Vans now has the Volkswagen Amarok truck available for order.

The Volkswagen Amarok has always proved itself as a leader in its class, it is wider and easier to drive than most other 4×4 vehicles and manages to do so whilst looking great. T6 Finance

All models of the VW Amarok have a good level of trim and a high specification and we usually have stock of the Amarok Trendline model which has a nicer level of trim than standard.

There are also Plenty of other great features that will make your Volkswagen Amarok stand out from the crowd.

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The VW Amarok truck is one of the most practical pick ups, It has a large load bay as well as a strong engine and good ability off-road.

Enthusiastic drivers will find that the stability control comes in earlier than you’d expect in high-speed corners.

But the Volkswagen Amarok is naturally stable with it switched off, exhibiting nothing more than a mild, controllable yaw in all but the most provocative manoeuvres.

Volkswagen amarok

The Volkswagen Amarok’s interior moves the class to the next level.

Despite the low spec levels compared toVolkswagen’s road cars the build quality is exceptionally good, even with tough but well textured surfaces and an excellent driving position.

Car drivers would notice the unusual height of the seats and driving position. But otherwise everything falls under the fingers in exactly the way that it would in a Golf.

Volkswagen amarok

On the move  the Volkswagen Amarok truck combines excellent off road abilities with solid and reliable car like driving.

volkswagen amarok

The combination of a solid, leaf spring rear axle, mechanical locks on the centre and traction control means that most extreme off road situations require little more than pressing the accelerator. 


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