Van Branding and Wrapping

Van Branding and Wrapping

Not only does a branded,  well-maintained and presented  van create a good first impression on clients, it is also an affordable and effective advertising opportunity;  selling your trade to everyone who sees it drive by or parked up.

You could choose to use magnetic signs, stick on decals or paint your van; but one of the best options available today is vinyl wrapping. With vinyl wrapping, it is easily possible to turn a company van into an interesting mobile advertisement with graphics that will imprint your business brand and personality over the whole surface of the van- the more unique and eye catching the design the better! Another cool thing about vinyl wrapping is that it can also protect the paint work of your van.

The right graphic design, decal or vinyl wrap on your company van can be an effective moving billboard for the business as these examples from our customers’ vans show:

The cost of vinyl wrapping is much lower than other advertising methods. And it works! Remember, not only do you need an eye catching design and company name but it’s important to include a list of services and contact information that can be read at a glance.

Branding a Vehicle…

  • Increases Brand Awareness – Consumers are more likely to buy the product or hire the services of a company if they are aware of the brand. People tend to go for what is familiar. Van branding puts a “face to the business name”.
  • Builds Up Trust – It is important to tell consumers what a company is all about. By displaying the business information on a van demonstrates the transparency of the company. In effect, van branding shows customers that the company cares and is attentive enough to create a professional image, and is to be trusted.
  • Boosts Authority – A potential customer who sees a branded company van will most likely assume that the said company has the best product or services in its speciality even if that is not the case. The better product or services, the more authority a company has, thus the more influence it has on the consumers. It is a fact that a more influential company has more business.
  • Cheap Yet Effective Advertising- Branding a van is a very affordable and simple means to advertise a particular service or product.

More Ideas for Graphics, Van Wraps and Decals

The slogan should be catchy or the message unique to make the brand memorable. Employing humor in the business slogan is another creative and effective idea. The important aspect is that the van branding must make a lasting impression on whoever sees it. But be careful what your graphics look like once you open your van door!…

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