Van security: 5 tips on how to avoid theft and protect your business

van security

Van security: 5 tips on how to avoid theft and protect your business

Vans are an essential tool for businesses and tradespeople. You’ll invest a lot of money into getting the van that you need and you rely on its use in order to make a living. This is why it’s important to ensure you have the best van security possible.

Making sure your van is secure goes without saying but even more so because they are prime targets for criminals. Cunning thieves across the UK have found ways to break into vans, stealing thousands of pounds worth of tools while causing an expensive amount of damage.

At Swiss Vans, we’ve got the best tips to ensure your van is protected should it be targeted.

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1. Don’t leave tools in your van

Seems like common sense but the main reason why vans are pinpointed by thieves is because there’s usually a treasure chest of tools sitting in the back. When leaving your van unattended overnight, it’s a sitting duck so best to be safe and store your valuable equipment in a secure location away from the vehicle.

It may feel like extra work at the end of a hard day of graft but it is better than losing your essentials and having to fork out a whack of money to replace them. Nothing to steal, nothing can be stolen.

2. Buy the most secure van

It is always tempting to go for the coolest van which is easy on the eye and is kitted out with all the latest gizmos. But, you may be compromising on security. Brand new vans ensure security features that are superior and advanced compared to older vans. Make sure security is your number one priority when choosing your van. Look at the spec and ensure you have an alarm and immobiliser.

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3. Invest in security

Buying the most secure van can help deter thieves and prevent break-in but you can never be too safe. That’s why we think it’s important to include additional security features that may not come as standard.

You’re not always going to be able to remove the tools from your van when you’re on the road or working elsewhere. Don’t just opt for any old tool box but dig a little deeper in your pocket and invest in a lockable tool vault.

For further protection or to avoid a ‘peal and steel’ break-in, an extra deadlock could be installed at the top of your side door. Or, consider a slamlock which will prove a challenge to even the most experienced of thieves.  

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4. Park your van in a safe place

It goes without saying if you can park your car in an alarmed garage but this isn’t always possible with such a large vehicle. Security cameras should be installed to keep an eye on your van if you leave it outside your house overnight.

When you’re on the job, it’s best to leave your van somewhere you can keep an eye on it. If not, your next best option is a well lit-up, public area.

5. Get the best insurance

It’s best to be prepared for the worst if it does happen. You want to make sure your tools are replaced and your van is repaired as quickly as possible following a break-in. This is why it is wise to be covered with sufficient insurance.

Van insurance may cover the damage to the van but you may want to make sure the goods inside are covered if they are lost. So, check with your insurer – your livelihood is at stake.

Some of these tips may seem obvious but with van thefts occurring every 23 minutes across the UK, it is best to keep van security on your mind. To avoid losing thousands of pounds worth of tools and the ability to do your job, keep these criminals at bay with these tips.

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