Van rentals are not only based on hire rates

Van rentals are not only based on hire rates

Van rentals are not only based on hire rates

If you have to rent vans for your business, you will definitely want to know if you are getting the best service and value for your money or not.  This is necessary as you will be spending quite a lot on van rentals.

The first thing you naturally consider is if you have to hire the van on a daily or monthly basis and its rates. However this is not the only factor you should consider while renting vans. There are some other key areas that you have to pay attention to as a business renter.

Accidental damages spell unexpected expenses

Vehicle downtime is a very important factor to consider about hiring and using rental vans. While choosing your van rental, look for hire companies that offer national coverage so that you have many branches to turn to for quick repairs and services to your rental vans when required.

Suppose your van has to be liveried or your business requires that your van have specialist equipment or capabilities like wheelchair access and reinforced shelving to Bluetooth, you will have to look for rental vans that meet your requirements. This is why it is very important that the vans you rent exactly meet your requirements.

‘Loss-of-use- factor’

Another factor you need to consider is the possibility of damage, especially because any incidental damage incurred to the van leads to unforeseen expenses at the end of a contract. So make sure you first enquire to find out how your rental company manages these types of incidental damages both during and at the end of the van rental contract.

Find out if all repair invoices are clear and itemized, are all last details repaired or are only those repairs that damage the resale value of the vehicle repaired. The ‘loss-of-use’ factor is also related to the damages the rental van incurs, so find out how the rental company calculates this.

Like for example, if you can’t run your rental van and it is off the road for repairs, and these repairs take time, does the rental company consider the van still to be on-rent during the period.

So remember that van rentals are important for an effective business as they generate lots of revenue and are thus hired for long periods. So companies like yours have to understand everything related to its hire costs and usage from the beginning of the hire period to get a perfect van for the job. 

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