Van Life: Van Conversion Inspiration

van life

Van Life: Van Conversion Inspiration

“Van Life”

NOT a hobby, an ACTUAL way of life.

Literally filled with the things dreams are made of.

With the increasing demand for van life, we’ve seen a diverse range of home and professional conversions, in all sorts of vans.

From the popular Transporter to, a larger scale, fully converted VW Crafter.  We have even seen a Volkswagen Caddy successfully converted with sleeping quarters and pop top! Not to mention the New Ford Transit Custom Sport.

With an influx of imagination, the possibilities for a conversion are endless.

There are groups and forums dedicated to vans from all of the large manufacturers.  Here, thousands of people come together across the globe to share experiences and tips for conversion, maintenance and modifications.

  • VW T4/T5
  • Ford Transit
  • Mercedes Sprinter

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Owning a van really does seem to introduce you to a whole new family of fellow van fanatics, all very willing to share knowledge, for free!

Once you start surfing the web for inspiration, it’s easy to get lost in the dream of someday living a simple ‘van life’.

One such British couple call themselves ‘Two Adventurers”

They have transformed a Luton Box Van into an incredible camper.

Their twitter page documents the journey around Europe.  Their story in pictures, the highs, the lows, and the breathtaking adventure.  Check them out here:

This was the second conversion project for Two Adventurers.  Even so, every van conversion project has to start with a base van and a conversion budget.

Two adventurers chose a Luton Box van and with an incredibly low budget, purchased it, taxed, insured and converted the Luton into their ‘New Home On Wheels’.  They got on the road in their fully converted van, for under £5,000!! See how they started here:

Two Adventures offer inspiration in abundance. The Box Van conversion is not the most common choice but fitted their needs and budget.  I wonder what project they will take on next…..

Perhaps a full conversion seems a larger project than you’d like to take on right now, but the idea of travelling through Europe is something that appeals to you?

What are your options?

Perhaps a middle ground would be a VW Caravelle or a VW Kombi?

The flexible seating arrangement, particularly in the Caravelle, make it versatile enough to be able to arrange a sleeping area.  Many people add a bed to the rear of a Kombi van, behind the rear seats.

You need to consider how ‘self-sufficient’ you would like to be in your van.  Are you happy to eat out, and feast on takeaway every day?  If budget would allow you to, that would be great! However, it may be sensible to consider some kind of cooking facilities, even as basic as a camping stove to use outside.  This may then lead down the path towards an awning for shelter, and a little extra space it creates.

I don’t think its possible to have a complete list of desires and wishes for your conversion.  The list simply gets longer and longer.  As you fit an extra bit of kit, it sparks the idea for something else, it goes on and on, a viscous, expensive cycle!  Priority is key,  decide what is the most important to you.  Somewhere to sleep, heating, solar power, a leisure battery, cooking facilities, refrigeration, storage….so much to consider.

Insulation and soundproofing would be essential for a comfortable night.  Swiss offer this service in house at our workshop, the service usually includes LED lights in the rear compartment.

All this is before your imagination runs wild on the exterior look of your van.  How important is kerb appeal to you?

Stylish, sporty looking vans are our speciality.  Take a look at our Wheel & Styling Package (WASP). Designed by us, and available on our most popular vans.

Swiss WASP

If you are considering one of our WASP vans for a potential conversion, speak to our sales team.  We have great deals on vans from the major manufacturers.    Contrary to common belief, you can modify a van which is on finance lease.  You OWN the vehicle under this method of finance.

With a finance lease deal, you can probably afford a better, higher spec van than you think.  Give us a call, you may be pleasantly surprised.  We have 100’s in stock, and even with mods such as the WASP, we can deliver your van in as little as 14 days, so you can get started on your dream.

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