We always need a copy of your van insurance in order to either tax your van or to keep on file if we manage your fleet for you.
The cost of van insurance really depends on where you live and your trade and occupation. Many of you store tools in the van so its great to have peace of mind that if the unthinkable happens then your tools and lively hood will be replaced.

Buy GAP Insurance from £49

No matter what insurance company you go through be sure to have a “new for old” policy or take out GAP insurance. The majority of van insurance companies will not pay out the full replacement value should you write off a van .
True story and there are many like it.
A builder buys a van and 6 months later a lady hits it from the side the van is written off. His insurance company offer £16,000 but the settlment is £26,000. Because the vehicle was on contracthire/ lease/ a non ownership scheme the insuance company would not pay out new for old. Its a clause hidden in the majority of van insurance policies. The solution is GAP Insurance cover from £49. Click here to price this up.

1. Axa Van Insurance

  • AXA approved repairs – nationwide
  • Roadside accident repairs
  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs – for as long as you own your van
  • Guaranteed courtesy van when your van’s under repair at an approved garage following an accident
  • Our uninsured driver promise – if you need to claim for an accident caused by an uninsured driver, you won’t lose your no claims discount or have to pay an excess
  • Cover for the little things that matter – like your built-in Sat Nav, audio players, wrong fuel, lost keys and more
  • Cover for 93 days’ EU travel

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