Weekly Camper Van Holidays South Wales

Take a great camper van holiday in South Wales in one of our new camper vans. Generous mileage allowance. Free insurance for weekly rentals. Discounted rentals if you self insure for four weeks plus. Low price vehicle storage if you need somewhere to store your vehicle while away. The minimum term is 7 days and there are discounts for colder months 

Are you an existing rental company ?

Rent to buy for rental companies

Swiss offer a rent to Buy Scheme for rental companies. We will rent you the vehicle for you to retail at the end subject to manufacturers terms and conditions. This will involve a site visit  in order to vet rental companies. 

Rent & Return For Rental Outlets

Swiss  rent to quality  rental companies. This will involve a personal visit to view your operation. At the end of the duration we take back the vehicle and there is no option to purchase the vehicle apart from at retail price. This means that you do not need to finance the rental vehicle as we do it for you. 

Swiss Vans Fleet Customers 1- 16 week rental

Part on back order ?

For existing  account holders we are white label for several  branded rental firms across the UK with over 250 locations.

This brings you a support network that simply cannot be matched by main  dealers nor the manufacturers. It isn’t free but imagine that a van breaks down and the part cannot be obtained for 8 weeks. We simply bill you for the rental vehicle. This isn’t a free service but there are insurance policy’s that we do not sell that will cover you for this. 

New Employee

New employees. The sad fact of life is that its hard to attract the best team members and the ones that knock on your door are often job seekers for a reason. We can rent you a vehicle locally, we bill you , you insure. Rathe than invest in a 12 month lease or even buy a van from us take no risks in these uncertain times. 

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VW Transporter WASP
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