Lease Example

£2500 down 59 x £249 month
£10,000 final payment

Unlimited Milage

Reduce you final payment by paying a little extra per month. This gives you more options in the future

Shorten Term

Ask us to see 3 and 4 year lease deals

PX Early

Just because its a 4 or 5 year finance deal doesnt mean you have to keep it that long

We do actually supply an unlimited milage lease. Many of our deals show a cheap lease deal which is to show we are competitive. In reality if you can manage just another £50 or £100 a month you will be in a much much better position financially in a few years time.
We ask you how many miles you do in order to give a realistic final payment. Some finance companies are far more expensive than us but look cheaper as they have an unrealisticly high final payment.
It makes it difficult for you ever to leave then as its hard to finance negative equity
Lets consider 3 different customers

Heating Engineer

10,000 miles a year

A heating engineer in the trade for a few years should reliably know what sort of mileage they do each year. The vehicle isnt actually worked that hard and is laid up quite often during the day. Finance companies love this type of customers.

Multidrop Courier

25,000 miles a year

Although the mileage isn’t that great the van is getting a battering . Literally 100 short stop start journeys per day. The van is worth less than an average 25,000 mile van. The owner should be thinking of changung the vehicle at about 2.5 years. This will allow a dealer to take in PX and for warranty work to be sorted freee of charge. The reconditioning bill for this van will be in 4 figures.

Airport Transfers

50,000 miles per year

At first glance the mileage is terrifying! But the vehicle is doing what its been built to do as a diesel which is run for hours at a time clocking up mileage. Whilst we can only offer payments based on expected mileage this van is a bargain used. Set a low final payment and dont be worried about the mileage


The first and last are self explainitory but if the van is doing a lot of short stop journeys its these customers who will struggle the most in the future. The competitive nature of work such as Taxi and Multidrop attract people to say 10,000 miles or 20,000 miles where in reality they should have little or no final payment. This is due to the har dlife that the vehicle has on the engine and the bodywork. If you job is a lot of short journeys and the van gets a beating pay a bit more a month rather than get red faced in 4 years time.