The VW I.D. BUZZ Concept, Finally an electric VW bus that will make it to production


The VW I.D. BUZZ Concept, Finally an electric VW bus that will make it to production

This week at the Detroit motor show VW showcased their latest concept electric bus.

Called the iD1 it’s potentially the closest VW have come to a production electric van, and it has some neat features, could this be the next Bus from VW that will entice a new generation of fans?

If we sound cautious it’s because this isn’t the first time VW have teased us with future electric vehicles, does anyone remember:

Volkswagen XL1

Volkswagen e-Bugster

Volkswagen Bulli
vw bulli

Volkswagen Budde
vw budde

Is this a knee-jerk reaction to Dieselgate!

I’d argue not.

Yes, VW have been hit hard, $14.7 Billion  and with further action pending (us brits are to get in on the suit) that’s going to further hit them hard.

However, thanks largely in part to Elon Musk  and his Tesla company  the expansion of electric vehicles is starting to see a real surge.

And for good reason.

It’s not all about the green brigade.

The rhetoric about electric cars used to be
“They’re ugly but great for the environment”.

Not anymore, take a look at the Tesla P100D a 5 seat executive car which sits perfectly next to luxury sedans, it can go 0-60 in 2.4 seconds (yes you read that right 2.4!!!) that’s hypercar territory like the 2.4 million euros Bugatti Chiron – coincidentally owned by VW (0-60 seconds 2.3 seconds).

tesla P100D

Or the Tesla X and it’s ability to seat up to 7 adults with plenty of cabin space, Falcon wing doors, and autonomous driving.

tesla model x

And many more are on the way…..


A Croatian manufacturer leading the way as an electric supercar manufacturer.

  • 1,088BHP
  • 0-100Kmh 2.6seconds
  • top speed 355Km/h
  • Torque 1600Nm

Lucid Motors
lucid motors

Potential Tesla Rival

  • 400 mile range
  • Spacious Interior
  • Autonomous  & connected driving

Faraday Future 91
faraday future 91

Chinesse backed startup, recently showcasing their car at CES 2017

  • Face recognition
  • Autonomous driving/parking
  • 0-60 seconds 2.3 seconds

Even Chevrolet last year released a $35,000 electric vehicle named the Volt, let’s not forget they are owned by General Motors who shelved the ‘ahead of it’s time EV1’ – watch Who killed the electric car! If they are getting serious, that says a lot about the momentum of the electric car.

Diesel gate or no, this was inevitable.

Finally electric cars provide real advantages over older Internal Combustion Engines (ICE)

Instant torque – electric cars are QUICK!

Space and agility- with none of the associated bits from exhausts, turbos, large engine, only a flat battery on the floor of the car, electric cars provide uncompromised space for interiors and a low center of gravity, for handling, perfect for a VW Bus.

Expanding recharging infrastructure – seems Tesla is the golden child when it comes foreseeing the need for both range and the ability to recharge,

Tesla currently have 5,043 Superchargers worldwide (as of Jan 2017), but they are not the only ones, a recent Reuters article outlines the expansion and investment by Europe’s biggest car manufacturers in advance of the upcoming electric car movement.

Secondly, Battery tech. the advent of Lithium Ion batteries enabled Elon Musk to produce the original Tesla E, a car, at the time capable of 215 miles per charge (recently upgraded to now over 330 miles).

The electric car went from a home to shop car,  into a realistic ICE replacement.

And the future of battery technology promises, super fast charging, longer range, and is getting cheaper by the day, for an interesting read just Google Graphene super capacitors

In the past, VW had the luxury of showcasing electric cars that wouldn’t see the light of day, and from a business standpoint it made sense, feel good factor for the general public all without taking up too many resources.

However, both the public are calling for electric cars and the technology is finally here to provide a REAL alternative to the ICE.

So would an electric VW be a truly great upgrade?

Yes, for the following reasons it would be great to finally get from concept to production.

  • Open interior allowing multiple seating configurations.
  • 0-60 time around 5 seconds, or half that of the current VW T6.
  • 373 miles per charge, expanding recharge infrastructure.
  • Cheaper refueling/recharge cost.
  • Autonomous driving.
  • Zero tailpipe emissions.

And the pictures certainly look impressive, let’s hope this is finally a concept that comes to light.

What do you think?

Will VW finally release a concept electric vehicle and deliver enmass to the general public.

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