The Ultimate Electrician & Plumbing Competition Gets Support From Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

The Ultimate Electrician & Plumbing Competition Gets Support From Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has shown its support for revised SPARKS and HIP apprentices or novices concerning the 2020 finale. This competition seeks future talent in the field of plumbing and electricians. The company has manifested its support by providing loans for three of their 6.1 transporter vans. Out of these 3, there are 2-panel vans along with a Kombi, which is intended to support the transfer of goods.

From January to March, seven regional heats were conducted that were also backed by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. In these heats, the company had provided crafter and caddy vans for more than a dozen participants contending to become Apprentice of the Year. Though, the global pandemic had put a stoppage on the competition.

The Competition Resumed

With slow-down in the impact of Covid-19, the competition has once again resumed. The competition has been resumed with new guidelines for the format to comply with the Covid-19 guidelines. It is done to secure all the participants, in terms of health.

All the regional winners of the heats will have to participate in a small written test that will be conducted online. The scores of the same test will finalize the top three contenders of the finals. Three of the finalists will have to participate in the one-day practical assessment. These assessments will be conducted in their colleges respectively. 

The final of SPARKS will take place on 24th September and the HIP final is scheduled to be on 29th September. On the same day of the competition, the winners will be declared. 

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

The transporter 6.1 offered by Volkswagen is used to transport equipment required in the mentioned challenges for every finalist. These live challenges will highlight various challenges for future plumbers and electricians. Considering plumbers, the challenges will include repair of the boiler and shower. And for electricians, the tests will be conducted considering bulbs, wiring, and switch test. The vans will have all the necessary equipment for the task. These vans are capable of holding 1,309 kg and a volume of 9.3m.

The Volkswagen Transporter 6.1 is the recent version in the series of exclusive panel vans. It has amplified features that feature a system of electro-mechanical power steering. This system ensures you get a magnificent performance on road. Also, it promotes standard safety features while optimizing the support.

The Head of after-sales at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, David Hanna states, they are delighted to offer assistance to such known competitions that promote the future generations of plumbers and electricians. He adds, the SPARKS and HIP competitions of 2020 needed a reliable transport solution to easily transfer their vehicles and the company is happy to loan three of their 6.1 vehicles to them.

He concluded that its amazing to know that finals will be conducted in a revised format. He indicated the efforts put by competitors for receiving those two titles by maintaining all the safety standards. Finally, he said good luck to all the finalists and well done to the participants, who couldn’t make it to the finals. 

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